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Compact bone, light micrograph

Compact bone, light micrograph

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Compact bone, light micrograph

Compact bone. Polarised light micrograph of a transverse section through compact bone tissue, showing Haversian canals (circular regions). The concentric rings surrounding the Haversian canals are called lamellae. The canals run along the long skeletal bones, and contain blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves. The lamellae are made of compacted collagen fibres and minerals produced by bone-forming cells that are called osteoblasts. The osteoblasts become trapped in the bone matrix at sites called lacunae (small dark spots spaced throughout). Magnification: x36 when printed at 10 centimetres across

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Bony Calcified Calcium Canaliculi Canaliculus Collagen Fibre Collagen Fibres Compact Bone Cross Section Haversian Canal Histological Histology Lacuna Lacunae Lamella Lamellae Matrix Osteocyte Osteocytes Osteology Polarised Polarized Tissue Transverse Light Micrograph Light Microscope Section Sectioned

This print showcases the intricate structure of compact bone tissue under a polarized light microscope. The transverse section reveals Haversian canals, circular regions that play a vital role in bone health. Surrounding these canals are concentric rings known as lamellae, which consist of densely packed collagen fibers and minerals produced by osteoblasts – specialized cells responsible for bone formation. The Haversian canals serve as passageways within long skeletal bones, accommodating blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves essential for nourishment and communication. Meanwhile, the lacunae – small dark spots scattered throughout the image – represent sites where osteoblasts become trapped within the bone matrix. With a magnification of x36 when printed at 10 centimeters across, this photograph offers an up-close look at the complex architecture of healthy human bone tissue. It highlights the importance of calcium hydroxyapatite deposition and collagen fiber arrangement in maintaining strong and resilient bones. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world of osteology as you explore the intricate network of canaliculi connecting lacunae to each other and to Haversian canals. This stunning visual representation sheds light on both the beauty and functionality found within our skeletal system while providing valuable insights into its histological composition.

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