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Images Dated 9th December 2011

Choose from 408 pictures in our Images Dated 9th December 2011 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Higgs boson, conceptual artwork Featured 9 Dec 2011 Image

Higgs boson, conceptual artwork

Higgs boson, conceptual computer artwork. The Higgs boson is a proposed fundamental particle that is thought to give other particles mass. It is required by many of the Grand Unified Theories which hope to explain three of the fundamental forces (electromagnetism and the weak and the strong nuclear forces) in a single unified theory. The Higgs boson is yet to be detected experimentally, but it is one of the main challenges of high-energy particle accelerators such as the large hadron collider (LHC) at CERN (the European particle physics laboratory)


A Member of Tattersall's Featured 9 Dec 2011 Image

A Member of Tattersall's

A scene from the play A Member of Tattersall's, by Captain H.S.Browning, which opened at the Whitney Theatre (now the Novello Theatre, Aldwych, London) on 28 February 1912.
The stage production featured a live horse (playing the role of Plutocrat'), seen here being led on stage by Peter Perks the bookmaker, played by Rutland Barrington. The jockey was played by Archie Arbuthnot.

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Yellow Eyed Penguin and Snares Crested Penguin Featured 9 Dec 2011 Image

Yellow Eyed Penguin and Snares Crested Penguin

Yellow Eyed Penguin or Hoiho, Megadyptes, and Snares Crested Penguin, Eudyptes robustus. Artwork by JG Keulemans from Sir Walter Lawry Buller's A History of the Birds of New Zealand, Vol.3 Plate 47 Date: 1888

© Mary Evans / Natural History Museum

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