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Images Dated 21st January 2004

Choose from 53 pictures in our Images Dated 21st January 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Mandelbrot fractal Featured 21 Jan 2004 Image

Mandelbrot fractal

Mandelbrot fractal. Computer artwork of a part of the Mandelbrot Set, a pattern generated using a simple repeating mathematical process. The process of repetition (called iteration) is applied to a set of complex numbers. The patterns formed are infinitely complicated, appearing qualitatively the same on whatever scale they are viewed. A magnification, however large, of any part of the image, produces an image which looks very similar. Such repetition and fractional dimensionality is seen here. The study of such chaotic mathematical behaviour is used as a means of modelling real- world processes from stock market prices to population dynamics and fluid turbulence


Genetic identity Featured 21 Jan 2004 Image

Genetic identity

Genetic identity. Conceptual computer artwork of a hand, a fingerprint and a DNA microarray. These represent genetic fingerprinting and genetic identity. A DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) microarray is used to study thousands of genes at once. It is used to link genetic samples with known genes. The microarray is a large array of possible genes used to test the samples. If any of the samples match genes in the array, they bind to that site to form these coloured dots. The pattern of colours is then analysed. Microarrays can be used to study gene expression or detect mutations. Fingerprints are patterns of ridges on the fingertips. Both DNA and fingerprints are unique to each individual


CHIMPANZEE - climbing on branches above water Featured 21 Jan 2004 Image

CHIMPANZEE - climbing on branches above water

CHIMPANZEE - climbing on branches above water
Conkouati NP. Congo, Central Africa
Pan troglodytes
Jean Michel Labat
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