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Human kidneys

Human kidneys

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Human kidneys

Human kidneys. Computer artwork of two sectioned human kidneys. Humans possess two kidneys, located at the back of the abdomen, responsible for excreting nitrogenous waste from the blood. Each kidney is composed of an outer cortex (thin dark blue outer layer) and an inner medulla (orange, green and light blue). Each receives blood through the renal artery (short dark blue tubes, centre left and right). Nephrons (not seen) in the cortex and medulla filter unwanted substances from the blood, forming urine. The urine is then transported along the ureters (long blue tubes) to the bladder, from where it is expelled from the body

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Cortex Excretion Filter Filters Kidney Kidneys Medulla Ureter Ureters Urinary System Waste Computer Artwork Section Sectioned

This print showcases the intricate beauty and functionality of human kidneys. Through computer artwork, two sectioned human kidneys are depicted in stunning detail. Positioned at the back of the abdomen, these vital organs play a crucial role in excreting nitrogenous waste from our bloodstreams. The composition of each kidney is composed of an outer cortex, represented by a thin dark blue outer layer, and an inner medulla adorned with vibrant shades of orange, green, and light blue. The renal artery serves as their lifeblood, delivering nourishing blood supply through short dark blue tubes located at the center left and right. While not visible in this image, nephrons within both the cortex and medulla act as remarkable filters that eliminate unwanted substances from our bloodstream to form urine. This precious liquid then embarks on its journey along long blue tubes known as ureters until it reaches its final destination - the bladder. From there, it is expelled from our bodies to maintain equilibrium. Science Photo Library has masterfully captured this awe-inspiring representation of our urinary system's complexity. It serves as a reminder of how intricately designed our bodies are to perform essential functions such as waste removal. Let this mesmerizing print spark curiosity about the wonders hidden within us all while appreciating the incredible work done by Science Photo Library in bringing science to life through artistry.

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