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Battle of Clavijo, 1753-1762, by Andres Gines de Aguirre

Battle of Clavijo, 1753-1762, by Andres Gines de Aguirre

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Battle of Clavijo, 1753-1762, by Andres Gines de Aguirre

Battle of Clavijo (844). According to tradition, the King of Asturias Ramiro I, with the help of the Apostle Santiago, who appeared to him riding a white horse, defeated a large Muslim army commanded by the Emir of Cordoba Abd-al-Rahman in Clavijo. Sketch. By Andres Gines de Aguirre (copy of C. Giaquinto) (1731-1800), 1753-1762. San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Madrid. Spain. Date: 2019

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1753 1762 Academia Academy Aguirre Andres Angel Apostle Artes Arts Asturias Attack Attacking Battlefield Bellas Conflict Copy Cordoba Defeated Emir Fernando Fight Helping Legend Muslim Rahman Ramiro Real Santiago Abd Al Rahman Giaquinto Gines


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This stunning 18th-century sketch, titled 'Battle of Clavijo' by Andres Gines de Aguirre, depicts a legendary event from the Middle Ages. According to tradition, the Battle of Clavijo took place in 844 AD, during the reign of King Ramiro I of Asturias. The scene shows Ramiro I, with the aid of the Apostle Santiago, who appears riding a white horse, leading his troops against a vast Muslim army commanded by the Emir of Cordoba, Abd-al-Rahman. The Spanish king, with the divine intervention of Saint James, is said to have successfully defeated the Muslim forces in this pivotal conflict. Andres Gines de Aguirre's artwork, a copy of a painting by Giovanni Battista Giaquinto, is a captivating representation of this historical legend. The painting, which is now housed at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain, is a testament to the rich artistic and historical heritage of Europe during the Modern Age. In the painting, we see King Ramiro I and his soldiers, dressed in armor and brandishing weapons, fiercely attacking the Muslim troops. The flag of the Christian forces flies proudly above the battlefield, while the Muslim army's standard bears the crescent moon and star. The scene is filled with tension and drama, as the two sides clash in a fierce and brutal battle. The painting's intricate details, such as the individual expressions on the faces of the soldiers and the realistic depiction of their weapons and armor, bring the battle to life and transport the viewer back in time. This beautiful work of art is a reminder of the rich history and cultural traditions that have shaped Europe over the centuries.

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