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Jigsaw Puzzle : Boxer: Jimmy Ellis. November 1974 S74-6569-001

Boxer: Jimmy Ellis. November 1974 S74-6569-001


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Boxer: Jimmy Ellis. November 1974 S74-6569-001

Boxer: Jimmy Ellis. November 1974 S


Media ID 21380769

© Mirrorpix

Jigsaw Puzzle (400 Pieces)

Discover the thrill of puzzle solving with our Media Storehouse Jigsaw Puzzle featuring the iconic image of boxer Jimmy Ellis, captured in November 1974 by Mirrorpix. This intriguing puzzle, brought to you by Memory Lane Prints, invites you to immerse yourself in the past as you piece together the vibrant and detailed image of this legendary sports figure. With each completed piece, bring the energy and intensity of the ring right into your own home. A perfect activity for puzzle enthusiasts and history buffs alike, this challenging yet rewarding puzzle is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of completion with Media Storehouse Jigsaw Puzzles.

400 piece puzzles are custom made in the UK and hand-finished on 100% recycled 1.5 mm millboard. There is a level of repetition in jigsaw shapes with each matching piece away from its pair. The completed puzzle measures 31x47cm and is delivered packaged in an attractive presentation box specially designed to fit most letter box slots

Jigsaw Puzzles are an ideal gift for any occasion

Estimated Product Size is 47.2cm x 31.5cm (18.6" x 12.4")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.

In this print titled "Boxer: Jimmy Ellis. November 1974 S74-6569-001" we are transported back to the thrilling world of 1970s boxing. The image, captured by Mirrorpix, showcases the legendary boxer Jimmy Ellis in all his glory during a momentous match. Ellis's intense gaze and muscular physique convey both determination and strength as he prepares for battle inside the squared circle. His sweat-drenched brow reveals the physical exertion required to excel in this demanding sport. Every muscle seems poised and ready to unleash lightning-fast punches that could knock out any opponent. The photograph not only captures Ellis's physical prowess but also reflects the spirit of an era defined by its passion for sports and athleticism. It serves as a time capsule, transporting us back to a period when boxing was at its peak popularity, drawing crowds from all walks of life who eagerly awaited each punch thrown within those ropes. As we admire this remarkable piece from Memory Lane Prints, it is impossible not to feel a surge of nostalgia for an era where legends like Jimmy Ellis reigned supreme in their respective disciplines. This print encapsulates the essence of what made boxing such an electrifying spectacle during that time – raw talent, unwavering dedication, and unyielding courage. Whether you're a fan of boxing or simply appreciate iconic moments frozen in time, "Boxer: Jimmy Ellis" will undoubtedly leave you captivated by its timeless appeal and evoke fond memories of one man's ind

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