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Harmless snake (coloured engraving)

Harmless snake (coloured engraving)

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Harmless snake (coloured engraving)

997688 Harmless snake (coloured engraving) by German School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( From A Bilderbuch fAor KinderA (Picture Book for Children) 1790-1830, published by Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)
UnschAadliche Schlangen
Die franzAosische Natter, die Aesculapschlange, die vierstreifige Natter, Schlangen, Reptilien
Coluber communis, Coluber aesculapii, Coluber quadristriatus); ePurix Verlag Volker Christen; German, out of copyright

Media ID 23518420

© Purix Verlag Volker Christen / Bridgeman Images

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This coloured engraving, titled "Harmless Snake" showcases the exquisite artistry of the German School from the 19th century. The print, part of a private collection, is a fascinating piece that captures the beauty and diversity of reptiles. The artwork is sourced from Friedrich Justin Bertuch's renowned publication, "A Bilderbuch fAor Kinder" (Picture Book for Children), which was published between 1790 and 1830. It features an array of harmless snakes depicted in stunning detail. Amongst these serpentine creatures are notable species such as the French Natter, Aesculapian snake, four-striped Natter, and common European adder. Each snake is meticulously illustrated to highlight their unique characteristics and patterns. Coluber communis (common European adder), Coluber aesculapii (Aesculapian snake), and Coluber quadristriatus (four-lined ratsnake) are just some examples showcased in this remarkable engraving. The artist expertly brings these reptiles to life through intricate lines and delicate shading techniques. Their slithering forms seem almost tangible on paper, inviting viewers into their world of wildlife. This enchanting print not only serves as a visual delight but also offers educational value by presenting various species for exploration. Whether you have an interest in animals or appreciate fine artistry, this masterpiece will surely captivate your imagination with its timeless charm.

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