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Images Dated 4th August 2011

Choose from 385 pictures in our Images Dated 4th August 2011 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Leg muscles in running, artwork Featured 4 Aug 2011 Image

Leg muscles in running, artwork

Leg muscles in running. Artwork showing the muscles in the leg of a runner. There are over 600 muscles in the human body, with at least 14 major muscles in the hip, thigh and lower leg, along with many more smaller muscles. The leg muscles are used in walking and running, producing the movements that raise and lower the legs, and bend the hip and knee joints. They are skeletal muscles, under conscious control and attached to the hip and leg bones by tendons. They are also enclosed in fascia, membranes that divide them into regions called compartments


Lake Derwentwater Featured 4 Aug 2011 Image

Lake Derwentwater

Derwentwater and Newlands Falls, Lake District, Cumbria, England. This glorious view is seen from the route to Skiddaw, with part of Keswick in the foreground. Date: 1930s

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1930s, Cumbria, Derwent Water, District, England, Falls, Foreground, Glorious, Keswick, Lake, Newlands, Part, Route, Skiddaw, V Iew

Human digestive system, artwork Featured 4 Aug 2011 Image

Human digestive system, artwork

Human digestive system, artwork. At top, food from the mouth forms a bolus that is swallowed down the oesophagus. At centre, the bolus is about to enter the stomach (arrow), which secretes acid that breaks down the food. Digested food then passes out of the stomach through the pyloric valve (lower left). Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine which has a folded surface (centre right) with finger-like protrusions called villi (magnified view at centre left). The villi are lined with absorptive cells, passing nutrients to the blood vessels (red and blue). Lymph vessels (green) and the diaphragm (above stomach) are also shown