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Images Dated 13th August 2009

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Syrian Desert, satellite image Featured 13 Aug 2009 Image

Syrian Desert, satellite image

Syrian Desert, satellite image. North is at top. Vegetation is red and dark green, while arid areas of sand and rock are light green and light blue. Water is blue. At centre is Jabal Sis, a huge extinct volcanic crater rising 100 metres above the surrounding plain. This area, part of the Syrian Desert, is in south-western Syria, near the border with Jordan. The water flow patterns on the landscape are evidence of seasonal flooding that supports the sparse vegetation in this area. The area shown in this image is around 100 kilometres wide. The image data includes infrared wavelengths, and was obtained on 6 November 2000, by the Landsat 7 satellite


Cerebellum tissue, light micrograph Featured 13 Aug 2009 Image

Cerebellum tissue, light micrograph

Cerebellum tissue. Confocal light micrograph of a section through the cerebellum of the brain. Purkinje cells, a type of neuron (nerve cell), are red. Radial glial cells, a type of support cell, are yellow, and cell nuclei are purple. Purkinje cells consist of a flask-shaped cell body with many branching processes (dendrites) that receive impulses from other cells. Purkinje cells form the junction between the granular and molecular layers of the grey matter of the cerebellum. The radial glial cells provide structural support, and nutrients and oxygen for the Purkinje cells. The cerebellum controls balance, posture and muscle coordination


HMS Cumberland Featured 13 Aug 2009 Image

HMS Cumberland

Royal Navy Type 22 frigate HMS Cumberland is pictured from above, in the Gulf of Aden as part of the United Kingdom's contribution to maritime security in the region.
These operations included counter-smuggling (arms and drugs), counter-terrorism and counter-piracy

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