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Chuquicatama Copper Mine, Chile in 2023

Chuquicatama Copper Mine, Chile in 2023

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Chuquicatama Copper Mine, Chile in 2023

Color satellite image of Chuquicatama copper mine in Chile in 2023. Chuquicamata, also called Chuqui is the largest open pit copper mine in terms of excavated volume in the world

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Aerial View Chile Copper Environment Mining South America Mining Industry Open Pit Mine Satellite View


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This stunning color satellite image captures the vast expanse of the Chuquicatama Copper Mine in Chile, showcasing its sheer magnitude and industrial beauty. Known as Chuqui, this open pit mine is a true marvel of human engineering and resource extraction, standing as the largest of its kind in terms of excavated volume on a global scale. The aerial view provided by this photograph allows us to appreciate the intricate network of roads, machinery, and infrastructure that make up this massive mining operation. The cartography displayed here offers a unique perspective on how humans have transformed the natural landscape for economic gain. Located in South America's copper-rich region, Chile has long been a key player in the global mining industry. The Chuquicatama mine serves as a prime example of this legacy, showcasing both the environmental impact and economic importance of large-scale mineral extraction. As we gaze upon this image captured in 2023 by Planet Observer/Universal Images Group (UIG), we are reminded of the delicate balance between progress and preservation when it comes to our planet's natural resources. It is through images like these that we can reflect on our relationship with nature and consider how best to move forward sustainably in an ever-changing world.

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