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history/religion/pazzi madonna virgin child marble c1417 18
The Pazzi Madonna (Virgin and Child) Marble, c1417-18
history/religion/ezekiels vision chariot sky hand clouds holding
Ezekiel's vision of chariot in sky and a hand in the clouds holding out a book to him
history/religion/god creating eve adams rib bible genesis
God creating Eve from Adam's rib. Bible Genesis. Illustrates Thales' concept
history/religion/st christopher christ bearer carrying christ stream
St Christopher (Christ-bearer) carrying Christ across the stream. 3rd century Canaanite
history/religion/ezekiels vision chariot sky c614 bc bible ezekiel
Ezekiel's vision of chariot in sky c
history/religion/jesus teaching synagogue matthew4 illustration j
Jesus teaching in the Synagogue. Matthew:4. Illustration by J.J.Tissot for his Life
history/religion/christ healing sick brought villages bible mark 6
Christ healing the sick brought to him in the villages. Bible: Mark 6. From JJ Tissot
history/religion/solomons prayer consecration temple i built house
Solomon's prayer at the consecration of the Temple But I have built an house
history/religion/ceremony honour mariatale goddess smallpox temple
Ceremony in honour of Mariatale, goddess of Smallpox, temple at Negapattam, S.India
history/religion/st francis xavier 1506 1552 spanish jesuit missionary
St Francis Xavier (1506-1552) Spanish Jesuit missionary, founded Jesuit order with
history/religion/st paul apostle who took christian message gentiles
St Paul the Apostle who took Christian message to the Gentiles. In background is
history/religion/st anthony st paul desert fed raven 1645
St Anthony and St Paul in the desert being fed by a raven. 1645. Diego Velasquez
history/religion/finished christs words cross illustration
It is Finished': Christ's last words from the Cross. Illustration by JJ Tissot
history/religion/icon novgorod school 15th century st george
Icon - Novgorod School, 15th century. St George killing the dragon. Tritiakov Gallery
history/religion/st matthew angel 1621 abraham bloemaert 1564 1651
St Matthew and an angel. (1621). Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) Dutch artist
history/religion/resurrection his countenance like lightning raiment
The Resurrection 'His countenance was like lightning and his raiment white as snow
history/religion/stoning burial st stephen stephen first christian
Stoning and burial of St Stephen. Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Artist
history/religion/st anthony abbot left martyr painting master
St Anthony Abbot (left) and a martyr. Painting by the Master of the Misericord (active
history/religion/saint barbara christian saint circa 4th century
Saint Barbara, Christian saint circa 4th century. Patron saint of arsenals and artillery
history/religion/kronos chronos greek titans father zeus
Kronos (Chronos) one of the Greek Titans, father of Zeus. Saturn in Roman mythology
history/religion/isis osiris ancient egyptian gods parents falcon
Isis and Osiris, Ancient Egyptian gods, parents of the falcon god Horus. Bas-relief
history/religion/john everett millais 1829 1896 english artist
John Everett Millais (1829-1896) English artist and founder member of Pre-Raphaelite
history/religion/annunciation archangel gabriel appearing virgin
Annunciation: Archangel Gabriel appearing to Virgin Mary to tell her she will bear Jesus
history/religion/reading torah synagogue oil canvas private
Reading from the Torah in the Synagogue. Oil on canvas. Private Collection
history/religion/rabbi 1892 rabii wears tefillin phylactery
The Rabbi. 1892. The Rabii wears the Tefillin (Phylactery), black leather cube containing
history/religion/wailing wall jerusalem wassilif ivanowitsch
The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem. Wassilif Ivanowitsch Navosoff (1798-1865) Oil on canvas
history/religion/christ boy discussing doctors temple luke2
Christ as a boy discussing with the doctors in the Temple. Luke:2. Mid-19th century
history/religion/manna israelites wilderness receiving manna heaven
Manna'. Israelites in the wilderness receiving manna from heaven. Dutch School
history/religion/triptych crucifixion artist quentin metsys
Triptych of the Crucifixion. Artist, Quentin Metsys (c1466-1531). Dutch
history/religion/moses leading children israel red sea german
Moses leading the Children of Israel through the Red Sea. From German 15th century Bible
history/religion/jesus scourged face john9 illustration jj
Jesus scourged on the face. John:9. Illustration by J.J.Tissot for his Life of Our
history/religion/christ calling matthew tax collector follow him
Christ calling Matthew, the tax collector to follow him. From JJ Tissot The Life
history/religion/st anthony padua healing young man st anthony
St Anthony of Padua healing a young man. St Anthony (1195-1231) was a Franciscan
history/religion/having created universe earth living creatures
Having created the universe, the Earth and all living creatures, including man, God
history/religion/carthusian monks netting hooking fish monastery
Carthusian monks netting and hooking fish in monastery fishponds, Chartreuse, founded
history/religion/st michael archangel fighting dragon sword
St Michael the Archangel fighting dragon with sword. In left hand he holds balance
history/religion/baptism jesus john baptist armenian mansucript
Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. Armenian mansucript of Gospel (1268)
history/religion/saxon idol sun wood engraving 1834
Saxon idol of the Sun. Wood engraving 1834
history/religion/saxon idol moon shown holding disc displays phases
Saxon idol of the Moon shown holding a disc which displays the phases of the Moon
history/religion/supper 1803 michael kock 1765 1825 copy picture
The Last Supper' (1803) Michael Kock (1765-1825) copy of the picture by Leonardo
history/religion/noahs sacrifice thanks deliverance flood
Noah's Sacrifice in thanks for deliverance from the flood. Nicolas Bertin (1668-1736)
history/religion/st josephs dream artist francesco solimena
St Joseph's Dream. Artist, Francesco Solimena (1657-1757)
history/religion/christ appearing disciples road emmaeus kronheim
Christ appearing to the two disciples on the road to Emmaeus. Kronheim chromolithograph
history/religion/christ carrying cross artist hieronymous bosch
Christ Carrying the Cross. Artist, Hieronymous Bosch (Jerome van Aken - c1460-1516)
history/religion/angel lord stone sepulchre countenance like
Angel of the Lord on the stone of the sepulchre. His countenance was like lightning
history/religion/wedding day bridal party church door chromolithograph
The Wedding Day' a bridal party at the church door. Chromolithograph c1885
history/religion/elijah old testament prophet raising widows
Elijah, Old Testament prophet, raising the widow's son from apparent death
history/religion/divine harmony microcosm macrososm according
The divine harmony of the microcosm and the macrososm according to the Hermetic
history/religion/hospitallers order hospital st john jerusalem
Hospitallers: Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem: Religious military order
history/religion/divine harmony universe tuned hand god robert
The divine harmony of the universe, tuned by the hand of God
history/religion/eadwine psalter c1150 1160 ground plan canterbury
Eadwine Psalter c.1150-1160. Ground plan of Canterbury Cathedral. Trinity College Library
history/religion/jacob keeping labans flocks sees rachel well
Jacob, keeping Laban's flocks, sees Rachel at the well. Genesis 29. From Gustave
history/religion/hatshepsut 1540ja 1481jabc queen egypt presents
Hatshepsut (1540ja-1481jaBC) Queen of Egypt, presents offerings to the falcon-headed
history/religion/delilah cutting samsons hair taking away strength
Delilah cutting Samson's hair, thus taking away his strength. Bible. Illustration
history/religion/st augustine hippo 350 430 great fathers early
St Augustine of Hippo (350-430) one of the great fathers of early Christian church
history/religion/st teresa theresa avila cross spanish nun
St Teresa (Theresa) of Avila before the Cross
history/religion/angel showing mary magdalene mary christs tomb
Angel showing Mary Magdalene and the other Mary Christ's empty tomb. Mark 16
history/religion/prison hulks warder watching prisoners washroom
Prison Hulks: Warder watching prisoners in the washroom on board convict hulk
history/religion/francis assisi 1182 1226 holding hands stigmata
Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) holding up hands to show stigmata. Italian. Founder
history/religion/st nicholas early 4th century scenes life
St Nicholas (early 4th century) and scenes from his life. 15th-16th century Russian icon
history/religion/abraham preparing sacrifice son isaac god place
Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son Isaac to God in place of the sacrificial lamb
history/religion/brahma first god hindu trinity trimurti creator
Brahma, first god of the Hindu trinity (trimurti), creator of the universe. Lithograph
history/religion/jesus raising lazarus tomb wood engraving c1880
Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb. Wood engraving c1880
history/religion/tibetan buddhist mandala symbolic diagram used
Tibetan Buddhist Mandala, symbolic diagram used in meditation and in sacred ceremonies
history/religion/st paul apostle claude vignon 1593 1670 oil canvas
St Paul the Apostle. Claude Vignon (1593-1670). Oil on canvas. Private collection
history/religion/tobias archangel raphael who helped catch fish
Tobias with Archangel Raphael who helped him catch fish which would miraculously
history/religion/man suspended hooks swung air ceremony honouring
Man suspended by hooks, swung through air at ceremony honouring Mariatale, goddess
history/religion/st john evangelist shown symbol eagle artist
St John the Evangelist shown with his symbol, the eagle. Artist, Giovanni de Paolo
history/religion/st michael st engracia archangel michael foot devil
St Michael and St Engracia. The Archangel Michael, his foot on a devil, in one hand
history/religion/king solomon welcoming queen sheba i kings102
King Solomon welcoming the Queen of Sheba
history/religion/mary joseph finding young jesus temple sitting
Mary and Joseph finding the young Jesus in the Temple where he had been sitting with
history/religion/saxon idol gold crodon wood engraving 1834
Saxon idol of the gold Crodon. Wood engraving, 1834
history/religion/christ walking water alexander ivanov c1840 1875
Christ Walking on the Water'. Alexander Ivanov (c1840-1875) Russian artist
history/religion/george wishart c1513 46 scottish reformer martyr
George Wishart (c1513-46) Scottish reformer and martyr. 19th century. burned for
history/religion/krishna hindu deity avatar vishnu 17th century
Krishna, Hindu deity, an avatar of Vishnu. 17th century illustration for epic poem
history/religion/trinity father son holy spirit 19th century
The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 19th century coloured woodcut
history/religion/john baptist wearing animal skin baptising jesus
John the Baptist, wearing an animal skin, baptising Jesus. Bible: Matthew III.15
history/religion/martyrdom st peter who said crucified rome head
Martyrdom of St Peter who is said to have been crucified at Rome with head, not feet
history/religion/st george dc303 red cross knight killing dragon
St George (dc303), the Red Cross Knight, killing the Dragon. Perhaps Roman centurion
history/religion/thomas cranmer 1489 1556 protestant archbishop
Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, under Mary I burnt
history/religion/statue hindu evil genie coloured lithograph linde
Statue of a Hindu evil genie. Coloured lithograph from L'Inde francaise, 1828
history/religion/coronation henry lion 1129 1195 duke saxony 1146
Coronation of Henry the Lion (1129-1195) Duke of Saxony from 1146, and his wife Matilda
history/religion/saxon god crodon herman stangefol annales circuli
Saxon god Crodon. From Herman Stangefol Annales Circuli Westphaliae, 1656. Woodcut
history/religion/jacobs dream stairway leading heaven god top
Jacob's dream of a stairway leading to heaven with God at the top. Genesis 28:12
history/religion/entry st bernard city dijon guiseppe passeri
Entry of St Bernard in the city of Dijon. Guiseppe Passeri (1610-1679) Italian artist
history/religion/baal god fertility king gods canaanites
Baal, god of fertility and king of the gods of the Canaanites
history/religion/st john apostle evangelist exile isle patmos
St John the Apostle (Evangelist) in exile on Isle of Patmos, having been accused
history/religion/st sebastian dc288 christian martyr roman
'St Sebastian' (dc288) Christian martyr Roman soldier and Captain of the Praeterian
history/religion/king david making burnt offering god thanks deliverance
King David making a burnt offering to God in thanks for the deliverance of the Israelites
history/religion/service synagogue reading torah interrupted
Service in the Synagogue during the reading from the Torah, interrupted by the entrance
history/religion/evening hymn chromolithograph painting english
Their Evening Hymn. Chromolithograph after painting by the English artist Margaret
history/religion/soul penitent thief carried paradise angels burning
Soul of the penitent thief carried into Paradise by angels with burning censers. Luke 23
history/religion/st rita cascia active 1457 patron saint loneliness
St Rita de Cascia (active 1457). Patron saint of loneliness and spouse abuse. Anonymous
history/religion/angel named secret bringing letter merciful christiana
Angel named Secret bringing a letter from the Merciful One to Christiana, inviting her
history/religion/archangel michael angels fighting dragon
Archangel Michael and his angels fighting the dragon. Virgin Mary with infant Jesus
history/religion/tribute money jesus telling questioners render
The Tribute Money. Jesus telling his questioners to render up to Caesar what was
history/religion/archangel gabriel instrument godsmote camp
Archangel Gabriel, instrument of God,..smote in the camp of the Assyriansja So Sennacherib
history/religion/descent cross illustration jj tissot life saviour
Descent from the Cross. Illustration by JJ Tissot for his The Life of our Saviour
history/religion/childhood jesus jesus carrying plank wood street
Childhood of Jesus. Jesus carrying a plank of wood down the street while Mary


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