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map of Hesley Farm in the Parish of Ecclesfield and County of York, 1764

map of Hesley Farm in the Parish of Ecclesfield and County of York, 1764

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City of Sheffield Archives

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map of Hesley Farm in the Parish of Ecclesfield and County of York, 1764

Scale 4 chains : 1 inch [20 inches : 1 mile].
Surveyor: William Fairbank II.
Marked: The turnpike road from Wood Head [Woodhead] and Penistone to Rotherham, road to Thorp, road to the Duke of Norfolk's colliery in Hesley Park, Hesley Park, footway, Hanging Bank Bushes (this is not part of the Farm), road from the [Smithy] Wood, Earl of Effingham's land, Moor Close, quarry, Dr Green's land, Thorp Common, Dr Simpson's land.
Woodland shown and parts of Smithy Wood and Hesley Park included, Lady Clough Wood, part of the moat around the farmhouse marked; numerical list with tenants, field names and descriptions and acreages; small cartouche;
George Eyre, tenant: 1 Park Royd, 2 Great Lee, 3 Little Lee, 4 Back Yard, 5 Wood End, 6 Messuage or ancient mansion house, outhouses, garden, etc. 7 Cinder Hill, 8 Hanging Bank, 9 New Field Pasture, 10 Rotten Close, 11 Little Justing Lands, 12 Middle Justing Lands, 13 [?First] Justing land with Little Lane, 14 Far Justing Lands, 15 Ing with the pond, 16 – 17 Hood Fields, 18 Pitty Field, 19 House, garden and croft adjoining, 20 Upper Cow Close, 21 Middle Cow Close, 22 Nether Cow Close, 23 Ox Close, 24 Geta Ox Close, 25 Yew Tree Field. Thomas [?Tayles] tenant: 26 Brick Field, 27 – 28 High Fields, 29 West Bracken Flatt, 30 Middle Bracken Flatt, 31 Homestead, 32 East Bracken Flatt. G Eyre and [ - ], J. Sylvester, J. Shaw 33 two cottages an gardens, 36 a garden and smithies, 34 a cottage. Crfot and garden, 35 The wood calld Lady Clough, which is within G. Eyres farm.
Lady Clough Wood and parts of Smithy Wood and Hesley Park shown.
Dimensions of original approx. 52 x 60 cm.
From an original at Sheffield Libraries: arc04463

Sheffield City Archives and Local Studies Library has an unrivalled collection of images of Sheffield, England

Media ID 32416693

© Sheffield City Council - All Rights Reserved

Ecclesfield Sheffield


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This print showcases a meticulously detailed map of Hesley Farm in the Parish of Ecclesfield and County of York, dating back to 1764. Surveyed by the skilled William Fairbank II, this historical artifact provides valuable insights into the landscape and features of the area during that era. The map highlights various significant landmarks and routes, including the turnpike road from Wood Head to Rotherham, as well as roads leading to Thorp and the Duke of Norfolk's colliery in Hesley Park. It also identifies notable locations such as Hanging Bank Bushes (not part of the farm), Smithy Wood, Earl of Effingham's land, Moor Close, quarry sites, Dr Green's land, Thorp Common, and Dr Simpson's land. Woodland areas are depicted on the map along with sections of Smithy Wood and Hesley Park. Lady Clough Wood is prominently marked alongside parts of a moat surrounding the farmhouse. Additionally, there is a numerical list accompanying this visual treasure which includes tenants' names along with field names, descriptions, and acreages. George Eyre emerges as one prominent tenant at Hesley Farm with numerous plots under his care. The list details his holdings such as Park Royd, Great Lee, Little Lee, Back Yard, Wood End, and more. Preserved within Sheffield Libraries' archives for posterity (arc04463), this remarkable piece measures approximately 52 x 60 cm in its original form. A testament to our rich agricultural heritage in Yorkshire County; it offers an intriguing glimpse into life on Hesley Farm over two centuries ago.

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