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Shuttle Columbia launch, Mission STS-78, 20. 6. 96

Shuttle Columbia launch, Mission STS-78, 20. 6. 96

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Shuttle Columbia launch, Mission STS-78, 20. 6. 96

Shuttle launch. Space Shuttle Columbia lifting off from the Kennedy Space Centre, USA. During this mission, STS-78, the shuttles crew performed various experiments in the Life and Microgravity Spacelab. Lasting from 20 June to the 7 July 1996, it was longer than any previous shuttle flight. The shuttles crew for this mission was Terence Henricks (mission commander), Kevin Kregel (pilot), Susan Helms (payload commander), Richard Linnehan and Charles Brady (mission specialists) and Jean-Jacques Favier and Robert Thirsk (payload specialists). Favier is from the French Space Agency (CNES) and Thirsk is from the Canadian Space Agency

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Columbia Launch Manned Spaceflight Shuttle Shuttle Launch

This print captures the awe-inspiring moment of the Shuttle Columbia launch during Mission STS-78 on June 20,1996. The Kennedy Space Centre in the USA witnessed this historic event as the mighty Space Shuttle Columbia soared into the sky, leaving a trail of excitement and anticipation in its wake. Mission STS-78 was no ordinary space journey; it marked a significant milestone in manned spaceflight history. Lasting from June 20 to July 7, this mission surpassed all previous shuttle flights in duration. Onboard were an exceptional crew comprising Terence Henricks as mission commander, Kevin Kregel as pilot, Susan Helms as payload commander, Richard Linnehan and Charles Brady as mission specialists, and Jean-Jacques Favier and Robert Thirsk serving as payload specialists. Notably, Favier represented the French Space Agency (CNES), while Thirsk hailed from the Canadian Space Agency. During this groundbreaking microgravity mission conducted within Life and Microgravity Spacelab modules aboard Columbia, numerous experiments took place that pushed scientific boundaries beyond Earth's confines. The dedication and expertise of these astronauts paved the way for further advancements in space exploration. As we gaze upon this remarkable image captured by Science Photo Library, let us reflect on humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge and our unyielding spirit to explore new frontiers beyond our home planet.

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