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Electron accelerator used for sterilisation

Electron accelerator used for sterilisation

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Electron accelerator used for sterilisation

Electron accelerator used in the sterilisation of medical waste. A bag of such waste (red) has been placed in a cavity on a wheel. The bag will be exposed to the electron beam in the heart of the accelerator when the wheel is turned. This system ensures that workers have sufficient shielding from the electrons. Electrons are subatomic charged particles which can be made to move if an electric or magnetic field is applied to them. Fast-moving electrons are used in sterilisation because they disrupt the genetic material found in all organisms. Photographed in the Moscow Radiological Institute (MIRAD), Russia

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Accelerator Electron Particle Accelerator Particle Physics Research Sterilization Electro Irradiation Sterilizer

This print showcases an advanced electron accelerator employed for the crucial task of sterilizing medical waste. In this image, a vibrant red bag containing such waste has been carefully positioned within a cavity on a rotating wheel. As the wheel turns, the bag will be exposed to the potent electron beam at the core of this cutting-edge accelerator. One remarkable feature of this system is its meticulous attention to worker safety. The design ensures that ample shielding is provided to protect workers from direct contact with electrons. Electrons, being subatomic charged particles, can be set in motion by applying electric or magnetic fields to them. Leveraging their high speed and energy, fast-moving electrons are harnessed for sterilization purposes as they effectively disrupt genetic material found in all organisms. The photograph was taken at the esteemed Moscow Radiological Institute (MIRAD) in Russia—an institution renowned for its pioneering research in particle physics and irradiation techniques. This particular image exemplifies their groundbreaking work in utilizing electron accelerators for medical waste sterilization. As we delve into this mesmerizing snapshot captured by Science Photo Library, it serves as a reminder of how science continues to push boundaries and develop innovative solutions even in areas as critical as hospital waste sterilization—ensuring public health and safety through state-of-the-art technology without compromising on worker protection or environmental sustainability.

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