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Computer-coloured view of jet in M87 active galaxy

Computer-coloured view of jet in M87 active galaxy

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Computer-coloured view of jet in M87 active galaxy

Jet in M87 galaxy. Coloured visible-light image of the core of the active galaxy M87. The core is upper left of centre, and a long optical jet is seen pointing toward lower right. The jet is the result of spiralling high-speed electrons being emitted in a narrow beam from the core. As the electrons move through the intense magnetic field near the core, they emit photons by the process of synchrotron radiation. Close to the core, the emission is in the visible waveband, farther out the radiation shifts into radio wavelengths. This computer-coloured image is based on data gathered

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This stunning computer-coloured view captures the awe-inspiring jet in the M87 active galaxy. Located in the upper left of centre, the core of this galactic wonder emits a long optical jet that stretches towards the lower right. The mesmerizing sight is created by spiralling high-speed electrons being emitted from the core in a narrow beam. As these electrifying particles traverse through the intense magnetic field surrounding the core, they release photons through synchrotron radiation. Close to the core, this emission manifests in visible wavebands, while further out it transforms into radio wavelengths. The image you see before you is an exquisite representation based on meticulously gathered data by Science Photo Library. It beautifully showcases not only our advancements in technology but also unravels some of nature's most captivating cosmic phenomena. Delving into realms beyond our reach, this photograph invites us to ponder upon galaxies far away and marvel at their intricate workings. It serves as a testament to humanity's insatiable curiosity about our universe and reaffirms our commitment to unraveling its mysteries. Let your imagination soar as you gaze upon this extraordinary print - an embodiment of scientific exploration and astronomical wonders that continue to captivate minds across generations.

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