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Artwork of the active Centaurus A galaxy

Artwork of the active Centaurus A galaxy

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Artwork of the active Centaurus A galaxy

Active galaxy. Artwork of the active galaxy Centaurus A (NGC 5128, upper left), seen from a nearby planetary system. At a distance of 16 million light years from Earth, Centaurus A is one of the nearest active galaxies. It is the third strongest radio source in the sky and radiation at X-ray and gamma ray wavelengths has also been detected. The main feature of NGC 5128 at optical wavelengths is the presence of a dark band of interstellar dust which does not allow an optical view of the stars in this region. It is characterised at radio wavelengths by the presence of two huge " radio lobes", which are about ten times larger than the optical size of the galaxy

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Active Active Galaxy Cosmology Dust Galactic Galaxy Interstellar Radio Galaxy Centaurus A Ngc 5128

This print showcases the mesmerizing artwork of the active Centaurus A galaxy, also known as NGC 5128. Positioned in the upper left corner, this active galaxy is observed from a nearby planetary system, offering us a glimpse into its cosmic wonders. Located approximately 16 million light years away from Earth, Centaurus A stands as one of our closest active galaxies. Renowned for its immense power and energy, Centaurus A ranks third among the strongest radio sources in the sky. Scientists have even detected radiation at X-ray and gamma ray wavelengths emanating from this celestial marvel. However, when viewed through optical lenses, what truly captures attention is a dark band composed of interstellar dust that obscures our vision of stars within this region. At radio wavelengths though, NGC 5128 reveals its most prominent feature - two colossal "radio lobes" that dwarf its optical size by tenfold. These massive structures dominate the galactic landscape and leave us awe-inspired by their sheer magnitude. This extraordinary artwork not only serves as an emblem of scientific exploration but also exemplifies the beauty found within our vast universe. With elements such as dust clouds and interstellar phenomena shaping these galactic masterpieces, it reminds us that art can be discovered not only on canvas but also among distant stars and galaxies.

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