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Active galactic nucleus, artwork

Active galactic nucleus, artwork

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Active galactic nucleus, artwork

Active galactic nucleus (AGN), computer artwork. An AGN is a galactic core that emits a higher luminosity than can be produced by the galaxys stars alone. This is thought to be caused by a supermassive black hole at the core accreting mass. As gas falls into the black hole the gravitational energy is converted into heat and it is the heated gas that emits the radiation

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Accreting Accretion Active Galaxy Astrophysical Astrophysics Centre Core Emitting Galaxy Massive Quasar Radiation Radio Galaxy Supermassive Black Hole Active Galactic Nucleus Blazar Seyfert Galaxy

This artwork captures the essence of an active galactic nucleus (AGN), a phenomenon that occurs at the core of certain galaxies. The AGN emits a luminosity far greater than what can be produced by the stars within the galaxy alone. At the heart of this celestial spectacle lies a supermassive black hole, voraciously accreting mass from its surroundings. As gas falls into this cosmic abyss, gravitational energy is transformed into intense heat, resulting in the emission of powerful radiation. This mesmerizing display showcases how heated gas radiates outwards from the AGN's core, creating magnificent jets that extend into space. The intricate details and vibrant colors depicted in this artwork bring to life our understanding of these astrophysical phenomena. It serves as a visual representation of extensive research conducted in astrophysics and astronomy fields to comprehend these enigmatic objects. By exploring active galactic nuclei, scientists gain valuable insights into various astronomical concepts such as radio galaxies, Seyfert galaxies, quasars, and blazars. These high-luminosity entities hold secrets about the universe's evolution and provide crucial clues about how massive black holes shape their surrounding environments. This awe-inspiring print from Science Photo Library invites us to marvel at the immense power and beauty found within our vast cosmos while reminding us that there is still so much more to discover beyond our own galaxy's borders.

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