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Military history

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military history/navy base sackets harbor ny 1814
US Navy base at Sackets Harbor, NY, 1814
military history/19th century gatling gun
19th-century Gatling gun
british history/duke wellington arthur wellesley
Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley
ancient history/battle cannae plan 216 bc
Battle of Cannae plan, 216 BC
military history/evnt2a 00053
european history/seljuk turks defeated dorylaeum first crusade
Seljuk Turks defeated at Dorylaeum, First Crusade
ancient history/caesar leading roman army rubicon
Caesar leading the Roman army across the Rubicon
military history/use arquebusse 16th century
Use of an arquebusse, 16th century
american history/siege alamo 1836
Siege of the Alamo, 1836
french history/proy2a 00005
european history/longbowmen years war
Longbowmen during the Hundred Years' War
european history/crusaders entering constantinople
Crusaders entering Constantinople
military history/navy captain william bainbridge
US Navy Captain William Bainbridge
military history/battle waterloo 1815
Battle of Waterloo, 1815
european history/medieval knight horse
Medieval knight and his horse
ancient history/ancient greek soldier
Ancient Greek soldier
military history/evnt2a 00312
military history/siege machine
Siege machine
military history/naval battle off puerto rico spanish american
Naval battle off Puerto Rico, Spanish-American War
military history/battleship maine entering havana harbor 1898
Battleship "Maine" entering Havana harbor, 1898
mideast history/ottoman turk military officers 1900
Ottoman Turk military officers, 1900
latin americacaribbean/plat2a 00014
ancient history/macedonian phalanx battle carts
Macedonian phalanx, Battle of the Carts
military history/pnav2a 00002
military history/pnav2a 00033
military history/roosevelt rough riders san juan hill 1898
Roosevelt and the Rough Riders on San Juan Hill, 1898
military history/crew uss constitution battle war 1812
Crew of the USS Constitution in battle, War of 1812
ancient history/panc2a 00156