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american history/united states 1870s
United States in the 1870s
maps/expl2a 00352
british history/scotland map 1870s
Scotland map, 1870s
maps/iceland map 1800s
Iceland map, 1800s
european history/medieval europe start crusades
Medieval Europe at the start of the Crusades
ancient history/map britain 597 ad
Map of Britain in 597 AD
ancient history/ancient greece colonies aegean
Ancient Greece and its colonies around the Aegean
ancient history/map ancient rome
Map of ancient Rome
canadian history/vancouver island map 1870s
Vancouver Island map, 1870s
british history/map england 1066
Map of England in 1066
british history/map england 1800s
Map of England, 1800s
ancient history/map roman empire
Map of the Roman Empire
maps/gpac2a 00018
maps/mideast map crusades
Mideast map during the Crusades
maps/map europe 1870s
Map of Europe, 1870s
exploration/united states 1860
United States in 1860
british history/ireland map 1870s
Ireland map, 1870s
ancient history/regions italy roman empire
Regions of Italy in the Roman Empire
maps/medieval spain portugal map
Medieval Spain and Portugal map
maps/europe 1810
Europe in 1810
ancient history/ancient greek empire
Ancient Greek empire
ancient history/map europe roman empire
Map of Europe under the Roman Empire
british history/ggbr2a 00076
africa history/map cape colony south africa
Map of Cape Colony, South Africa
ancient history/map ancient palestine kingdoms judah israel
Map of ancient Palestine kingdoms of Judah and Israel
maps/thirteen original colonies 1776
Thirteen original colonies in 1776
ancient history/maps italy ancient times
Maps of Italy in ancient times
ancient history/roman empire circa 200 ad
Roman Empire, circa 200 AD
maps/proy2a 00017
maps/american indian tribe locations 1700
American Indian tribe locations about 1700
latin americacaribbean/caribbean islands 1870s
Caribbean islands, 1870s
canadian history/newfoundland 1870s
Newfoundland, 1870s
maps/american indian tribe locations 1715
American Indian tribe locations in 1715
ancient history/ancient mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia
maps/map hawaii 1870s
Map of Hawaii, 1870s
maps/traditional provinces spain
Traditional provinces of Spain
british history/treaty bretigny territory settlements 1360
Treaty of Bretigny territory settlements, 1360
ancient history/map peloponnesus ancient greece
Map of the Peloponnesus of ancient Greece
maps/serbia map
Serbia map
canadian history/canada map 1870s
Canada map, 1870s
american history/united states civil war
United States during the Civil War
maps/plan washington dc 1793
Plan of Washington DC, 1793
maps/russia tsars
Russia under the tsars
civil war us/map second battle bull run 1862
Map of the Second Battle of Bull Run, 1862
civil war us/evcw2a 00100
american history/expl2a 00164
maps/virginia maryland settled 1738
Virginia and Maryland settled in 1738
civil war us/washington dc civil war
Washington DC during the Civil War
canadian history/ontario 1870s
Ontario, 1870s
canadian history/expl2a 00284
british history/ireland 16th century
Ireland in the 16th century
american history/territorial acquisition 1800s
US territorial acquisition during the 1800s
british history/angevin kings holdings france britain
Angevin kings' holdings in France and Britain
maps/erie canal route
Erie Canal route
maps/victoria province australia 1800s
Victoria province, Australia, 1800s
maps/queensland australia 1800s
Queensland, Australia, 1800s
maps/manhattan map 1780s
Manhattan map, 1780s
maps/colonial pennsylvania map 1750s
Colonial Pennsylvania map, 1750s
maps/expl2a 00065
exploration/behaims 1492 globe showing round earth new world
Behaim's 1492 globe showing a round Earth but no New World
ancient history/southern palestine ancient times
Southern Palestine in ancient times
american history/growth united states 1853
Growth of the United States to 1853
american history/western frontier early 1800s
Western US frontier, early 1800s
africa history/vasco da gamas route africa 1400s
Vasco da Gama's route around Africa, 1400s
maps/california mexican rule 1800s
California under Mexican rule, 1800s
maps/new south wales map 1800s
New South Wales map, 1800s
maps/east jersey west jersey
East Jersey and West Jersey
maps/new york harbor chart 1733
New York harbor chart, 1733
maps/manhattan map 1789
Manhattan map, 1789
maps/manhattan 1767
Manhattan in 1767
maps/new york city map 1767
New York City map, 1767
maps/map colonial rhode island 1660s
Map of colonial Rhode Island, 1660s
maps/europe mid 1500s
Europe in the mid-1500s
maps/expl2a 00138
maps/expl2a 00317
maps/expl2a 00353
latin americacaribbean/expl2a 00294
latin americacaribbean/map argentina 1800s
Map of Argentina in the 1800s
exploration/dutch map new netherland new england
Dutch map of New Netherland and New England
exploration/french map great lakes 1703
French map of the Great Lakes, 1703
exploration/map desotos route 1540s
Map of DeSoto's route, 1540s
exploration/mariana islands pacific discovered magellan 1521
Mariana Islands in the Pacific discovered by Magellan, 1521
exploration/expl2a 00014
exploration/expl2a 00061
exploration/magellans route pacific
Magellan's route across the Pacific
canadian history/expl2a 00325
ancient history/rome carthage 264 bc
Rome and Carthage, 264 BC
ancient history/ancient romes center palatine hill
Ancient Rome's center, Palatine Hill
ancient history/map ancient egypt
Map of ancient Egypt
american history/united states 1825
United States in 1825
american history/northwest territory map
Northwest Territory map
american history/western frontier 1880s
Western frontier in the 1880s
maps/nati2a 00044
maps/sumatra 1800s
Sumatra, 1800s
maps/providence rhode island 1664
Providence, Rhode Island, 1664
maps/arab empire mid 700s
Arab empire, mid-700s
maps/germany world war i
Germany before World War I
latin americacaribbean/expl2a 00377
exploration/globe 1492 lacking new world
Globe of 1492, lacking the New World
civil war us/civil war territory map 1861
Civil War territory map, 1861
canadian history/new brunswick nova scotia 1870s
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, 1870s
american history/us territory gained mexico
U.S. territory gained from Mexico
africa history/expl2a 00366