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Shoe design in brown and beige

Shoe design in brown and beige

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Shoe design in brown and beige

Shoe design in brown and beige. Date: circa 1930s

Mary Evans Picture Library makes available wonderful images created for people to enjoy over the centuries

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© Mary Evans Picture Library/John Maclellan

Accessories Button Footwear Heel Quality Shoe Shoes Stylish

This print showcases a stunning shoe design in brown and beige, capturing the essence of 1930s fashion. With its impeccable quality and luxurious style, this footwear piece exudes elegance and sophistication. The intricate button detailing adds a touch of refinement to the overall design, making it truly timeless. The craftsmanship displayed in this shoe is a testament to the artistry prevalent during that era. Its historical significance transports us back to an age where attention to detail was paramount in creating fashionable accessories. This print serves as a window into the past, allowing us to appreciate the evolution of costume and footwear throughout history. The rich brown and beige hues chosen for this design perfectly complement each other, adding depth and character to the shoe's overall aesthetic appeal. It is evident that every aspect of this creation was carefully considered, resulting in a stylish masterpiece that stands out even today. Whether you are an enthusiast of vintage fashion or simply appreciate exquisite designs from bygone eras, this print is sure to captivate your imagination. Displaying it proudly will not only add flair to any space but also serve as a reminder of how fashion has evolved over time while still drawing inspiration from its roots.

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