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Shoe design in blue and green

Shoe design in blue and green

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Shoe design in blue and green

Shoe design in blue and green. Date: circa 1930s

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© Mary Evans Picture Library/John Maclellan

Accessories Button Footwear Heel Pale Quality Shoe Shoes Stylish

This print showcases a stunning shoe design in blue and green, dating back to the 1930s. The image exudes an air of quality, luxury, and style that was characteristic of the era. With its elegant button detailing and high heel, this shoe epitomizes the fashionable footwear choices of the time. The pale blue hue adds a touch of sophistication while the vibrant yellow-green accents bring a refreshing pop of color to this exquisite design. This photograph offers us a glimpse into fashion history, reminding us of the timeless appeal and enduring charm that well-crafted shoes possess. As we admire this piece from Mary Evans Prints Online, we are transported back to an era when attention to detail was paramount in both costume and accessories. The craftsmanship evident in every curve and line is truly remarkable. Although we do not know which company produced these shoes or their commercial use at the time, it is clear that they were created with utmost care and dedication. This image serves as a testament to how fashion has evolved over time while still drawing inspiration from past styles. Whether displayed as art or used for historical research purposes, this print captures our imagination with its elegance and beauty. It reminds us that even after many decades have passed since its creation, great design will always stand out as an emblem of gracefulness and refinement.

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