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Interior of Sidi Mohammeds tent, 1844. Creator: Unknown

Interior of Sidi Mohammeds tent, 1844. Creator: Unknown

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Interior of Sidi Mohammeds tent, 1844. Creator: Unknown

Interior of Sidi Mohammeds tent, 1844. One of the trophies taken by the French army from the Moors, ...the Tent of the eldest son of the Emperor [Muhammad IV of Morocco]. It was displayed in Paris: The tent is a complete moveable house, containing everything a Moor can desire - carpets, bed, sofa...The interior of the tent was hung with tapestry of various designs, and was provided with large round cushions of red Morocco leather and long ones of cloth of the same colour. Immediately opposite to the curtain which formed the door, was the bed of the Prince, hung likewise with red drapery. It was protected by a Mosquito curtain, and had two matresses - a blue and a red one. The couch itself was of Spanish make, and of the most simple design. From " Illustrated London News", 1844, Vol I

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This print captures the interior of Sidi Mohammed's tent in 1844, a remarkable trophy taken by the French army from the Moors. Displayed in Paris, this moveable house showcases the opulent lifestyle of the eldest son of Emperor Muhammad IV of Morocco. The tapestry-adorned interior is a sight to behold, with its vibrant designs creating an atmosphere of grandeur. The large round cushions made from red Moroccan leather and long ones crafted from cloth add both comfort and elegance to the space. Positioned opposite the curtain that serves as a door is Prince Mohammed's bed, draped in matching red fabric for regal protection against mosquitoes. Two mattresses, one blue and one red, provide luxurious rest on this Spanish-made couch. As described in "Illustrated London News" back in 1844, this photograph offers us a glimpse into another time and culture. It transports us to an era where British troops ventured far beyond their shores during conflicts like the Franco-Moroccan War. With its intricate details captured through engraving techniques, this image not only preserves history but also highlights Britain's fascination with exotic lands during the Victorian era. This print stands as a testament to human curiosity about distant countries and serves as a reminder of our ever-evolving world.

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Sidi Mohammeds tent, captured by the French, 1844. Creator: Unknown
Sidi Mohammeds tent, captured by the French, 1844. Creator: Unknown









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