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He glared fiercely at the apparition... 1919. Creator: Unknown

He glared fiercely at the apparition... 1919. Creator: Unknown

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He glared fiercely at the apparition... 1919. Creator: Unknown

He glared fiercely at the apparition... 1919. Tomosaburo was a brave, strong-minded samurai, to whom the sensation of fear was totally unknown. He glared fiercely at the apparition, and then, half unconsciously, turned for the samurais only safeguard, his sword, and drew it from its sheath. The sword is regarded as sacred by the Japanese knight and was supposed to possess the occult power...of exorcising evil. The spirit laughed superciliously when she saw his action. " No motive but the kindest of intentions brought me here to proffer you my assistance in your trouble, but without the least appreciation of my goodwill you show this enmity towards me. However, your wifes life shall pay the penalty, " and with these malicious words the phantom disappeared. Illustration to " The Spirit of the Lantern", a story in " Romances of Old Japan", by Madame Yukio Ozaki. [Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd, London, 1919]

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Anger Angry Brave Bravery Character Curse Cursed Evil Fury Ghost Hamilton Kent And Co Ltd Lamp Lantern Madame Yukio Ozaki Magic Marshall Ozaki Ozaki Yei Ozaki Yei Theodora Ozaki Yukio Ozaki Yukio Madame Phantom Rage Romances Of Old Japan Samurai Simpkin Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent Co Ltd Spirit Threat Threatening Unusual Yei Ozaki Yei Theodora Yei Theodora Ozaki Yukio Yukio Ozaki


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This print captures a moment of intense confrontation between Tomosaburo, a fearless samurai, and an eerie apparition. In the year 1919, an unknown creator skillfully depicted this scene from "The Spirit of the Lantern, " a story in "Romances of Old Japan" by Madame Yukio Ozaki. With unwavering determination and no trace of fear in his eyes, Tomosaburo glares fiercely at the phantom before him. His hand instinctively reaches for his sacred sword, believed to possess mystical powers capable of exorcising evil. However, instead of cowering or retreating at the sight of the drawn blade, the spirit responds with disdainful laughter. She accuses Tomosaburo of showing enmity towards her despite her genuine intention to offer assistance in his troubles. The chilling words she utters carry a sinister promise: that his wife's life will pay the price for his hostility. Through this haunting illustration, we are transported into a world where bravery clashes with supernatural forces and where even the most valiant warriors must confront their deepest fears. The artist masterfully captures both the intensity and vulnerability present within this timeless tale from Japanese folklore. Displayed as part of Heritage Images' collection without any commercial intent mentioned or associated with it (excluding mention or association with any company), this mysterious image invites viewers to delve into its rich narrative and contemplate themes such as courage, loyalty, and sacrifice that transcend time itself.

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