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Greetings Card : Kenneth Clarke Home Secretary Conservative politician leaving number eleven Downing

Kenneth Clarke Home Secretary Conservative politician leaving number eleven Downing

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Kenneth Clarke Home Secretary Conservative politician leaving number eleven Downing

Kenneth Clarke Home Secretary Conservative politician leaving number eleven Downing Street

Arnold Slater
Daily Mirror
Greater London

Media ID 21697610

© Mirrorpix


Greetings Card (A5)

Step into the world of British political history with our captivating Kenneth Clarke Home Secretary Greetings Card from Memory Lane Prints. This exquisite card design features a striking image of the renowned Conservative politician, Kenneth Clarke, leaving Number 11 Downing Street, captured perfectly by the talented artist Arnold Slater. Add a touch of history and elegance to your correspondence with this thoughtful and unique greetings card from the Media Storehouse range.

Create your own greetings card. Size when folded is A5 (14.5x21cm or 5.7x8.3 inches)

Greetings Cards suitable for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Thank You and much more

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 14.5cm x 21cm (5.7" x 8.3")

Estimated Product Size is 29cm x 21cm (11.4" x 8.3")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


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In this print captured by Arnold Slater, we witness a significant moment in British political history. The image showcases the distinguished figure of Kenneth Clarke, an influential Conservative politician and former Home Secretary, as he departs from number eleven Downing Street. Taken in the 1990s, precisely in 1993 during the vibrant era of the 20th century, this photograph encapsulates a pivotal period for both Clarke's career and Britain's political landscape. As Clarke emerges from the iconic door of number eleven Downing Street, his confident stride reflects his unwavering determination and commitment to public service. Dressed impeccably in a sharp suit that exudes authority and professionalism, he epitomizes the essence of a seasoned statesman. The composition skillfully captures not only Clarke but also hints at the grandeur surrounding him. The imposing architecture of Downing Street serves as an impressive backdrop while symbolizing power and tradition. This juxtaposition emphasizes how individuals can shape history within these hallowed halls. Slater's masterful use of light adds depth to the image, casting long shadows that create an air of mystery around Clarke's departure. It invites viewers to ponder what decisions or challenges await him beyond those doors. Overall, this evocative print transports us back to a defining moment in Kenneth Clarke's political journey while offering glimpses into one man's role within Britain's intricate tapestry of governance during a transformative decade.

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