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"Capturing the Architectural Beauty: Bohmer Franz's Hand-drawn Sketches of Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Berlin-Mitte" Step back in time as we delve into the exquisite hand-drawn sketches by Bohmer Franz, showcasing the grandeur of the Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Berlin-Mitte during 1938-1939. These captivating drawings offer a glimpse into the architectural marvels that once graced this historic building. In his first sketch, we are presented with an intricate view of the entrance door. The attention to detail is remarkable, with every line meticulously etched onto transparent paper. It transports us to a bygone era when officials would pass through these very doors on their way to shaping agricultural policies. Moving forward, another sketch reveals Franz's focus on capturing stair railings. The delicate strokes bring life to this mundane element, elevating it from mere functionality to an artistic masterpiece. One can almost imagine dignitaries gracefully ascending these stairs as they embark on their important duties within the ministry. Franz's talent shines through yet again as he presents us with a detailed sketch of another door at the ministry. This particular drawing showcases his ability to capture different perspectives and angles, allowing us to appreciate various facets of this magnificent structure. As our journey continues through these mesmerizing sketches, we encounter more views of entrance doors and staircases that were integral parts of daily life at the Reich Ministry. Each stroke tells a story – stories filled with ambition, dedication, and perhaps even moments that shaped history itself, and is worth noting that these sketches were created during a significant period for Germany's agriculture sector – 1938-1939 – when changes were being made within the ministry under Bohmer & Petrich's guidance. These drawings not only serve as artistic representations but also provide glimpses into an evolving institution striving towards progress.