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Andrew Dudgeon Collection

Andrew Dudgeon, a name synonymous with speed and triumph in the world of motorcycle racing

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Andrew Dudgeon, a name synonymous with speed and triumph in the world of motorcycle racing. With his trusty Suzuki by his side, he has left an indelible mark on the racing circuit. In 2016, Andrew Dudgeon emerged victorious at the Senior Manx Grand Prix, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination. Alongside him were fellow racers Tom Weeden on Triumph and Joe Ackroyd on Suzuki, creating a thrilling competition that will forever be etched in history. But this was not Andrew's only moment of glory. In the same year, he conquered the Supertwin Manx Grand Prix with sheer finesse and precision. The Junior Manx Grand Prix also witnessed his prowess as he blazed through the tracks on his Kawasaki bike in both 2012 and 2015. The Classic TT of 2018 saw Andrew switch to a Kawasaki Superbike, where he once again displayed his mastery over two wheels. His performance was nothing short of awe-inspiring as he pushed boundaries and set new records, and is impossible to overlook Andrew's achievements at the Super Twin Manx Grand Prix in 2015 when he showcased unrivaled skill on his Suzuki bike. The Senior Manx Grand Prix that same year witnessed him dominating yet again, leaving spectators breathless with every twist and turn. Not one to rest on past glories alone, Andrew continued to shine bright at the Supersport TT in 2018 aboard his trusted Suzuki machine. His dedication to perfection knows no bounds as he consistently pushes himself beyond limits for victory. Even outside official races like April; Jurby alongside Dean Osborne riding Honda bikes or any other event where adrenaline flows freely through veins - Andrew Dudgeon remains an unstoppable force ready to conquer any challenge thrown at him. Andrew Dudgeon's legacy is one defined by passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment towards excellence.