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Amidst Collection

"Amidst a sea of colorful balloons, Charles Green takes flight at the balloon event

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"Amidst a sea of colorful balloons, Charles Green takes flight at the balloon event. " "Red coffee berries delicately rest on a bed of coffee beans, amidst lush coffee leaves. " "A Russian Balalaika player captivates the crowd with his melodic tunes amidst an enchanting setting. " "The well stands tall and proud amidst the bustling village, providing life-giving water to all who seek it. " "In the midst of the intense Zulu war, soldiers hold their ground in an entrenched position at Rorke's Drift. " "An American lady finds solace amidst nature's beauty as she walks her wire-haired terrier through fall leaves in 1919. " "A semi-nude woman exudes grace and mystery amongst towering trees in this captivating albumen print from the 1850s-1860s. " "A boy and girl find themselves sitting on the moon, lost in their own magical world amidst a starry night sky. " "Ethel Parkinson gracefully dances amidst a field of wildflowers, her movements mirroring nature's delicate rhythm. " "A gay young man fearlessly expresses himself amidst societal norms that attempt to suppress his true identity. " "In this whimsical fairy painting, mystical creatures frolic joyfully amidst an enchanted forest. " "Fighting and crime loom over Ireland as depicted in this powerful engraving capturing turmoil amid troubled times.