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Amen Collection

"Amen: From Prayers to Pharaohs, the Power of a Word" Little girl saying her prayers

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"Amen: From Prayers to Pharaohs, the Power of a Word" Little girl saying her prayers, by Mabel Lucie Attwell: Innocence and faith intertwine as a little girl whispers her heartfelt prayers, seeking solace in the embrace of divine love. #FaithfulWhispers Amen Corner: From gospel choirs to soul-stirring melodies, Amen Corner echoes with harmonies that uplift spirits and unite souls in worship. #SoulfulSanctuary National Anthem, God Save the Queen: As voices rise in unison, "Amen" becomes an anthem of unity and loyalty to crown and country - a testament to national pride. #HarmonyOfHeritage Tomb Khopshef: Young servant (Valley of the Queens): Silent witness to ancient history lies young servant Amen Khopshef's tomb; his spirit forever intertwined with Egypt's grandeur and mysteries. #EternalServitude Tomb Khopshef: Goddess Hathor with the prince (Valley of the Queens): Within these sacred walls rests a timeless bond between goddess Hathor and Prince Amen Khopshef - their union transcending mortal boundaries through eternity's embrace. #DivineConnection Pharaoh Horemheb and god Amun (Egypt): Pharaoh Horemheb bows before god Amun - an act symbolizing reverence for divine power that shaped empires amidst sand-swept dunes. #RoyalDevotion Tomb Khopshef: God Anubis on the right (Valley of t): Anubis stands guard at this hallowed ground where life meets death; his presence offering solace as souls embark on their final journey into eternity. #GuardianOfPassage Comic postcard, The Old Maids Prayer Date: 20th century.