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Alopex Lagopus Collection

The Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus) is a stunning creature that thrives in the harsh conditions of the Arctic

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The Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus) is a stunning creature that thrives in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. With its winter coat on full display, this fox poses for a portrait in Svalbard, Norway, showcasing its resilience and beauty. In another captivating image, a juvenile Arctic fox looks directly into the camera with curiosity and innocence shining through its eyes. This young fox's winter pelage adds to its adorable charm. In Dovrefjell National Park, Norway, an energetic juvenile Arctic fox dashes through the snow-covered landscape. Its winter fur provides excellent camouflage against the white backdrop as it playfully explores its surroundings. However, not all animals find these playful antics endearing; a female Common Eider duck fiercely defends her nest from an approaching Arctic fox. Sniffing the ground intently in Dovrefjell National Park, another juvenile Arctic fox demonstrates their keen sense of smell while donning their winter pelage. Meanwhile, atop a ridge during moult from grey summer fur to winter white, an adult Arctic Fox stands majestically against the breathtaking scenery. During this transition period from summer to winter coats, even yawning becomes picturesque when captured by nature photographers. Witnessing an Arctic Fox yawn mid-moult reminds us of their fascinating ability to adapt seamlessly to changing seasons. Not limited to Norwegian landscapes alone, these resilient creatures also roam across Churchill in Manitoba Canada where they leave footprints behind as they gracefully run through snowy terrain. Even amidst April's arrival in Svalbard, Norway, the sight of an elegant white-coated arctic fox remains enchanting.