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"Allonger: A Journey Through Art and History" Step into the world of "Allonger, " a captivating collection of artworks that takes you on a mesmerizing journey through time. From the transition from Raab in June 1809 to the triumph of the Republic, each piece tells a unique story. One such artwork is "Portrait of Lying Gazan, Travel Sketch. " This intriguing sketch captures the essence of a distant land, inviting us to imagine ourselves in its vibrant streets and bustling markets. As we move forward, we encounter "The Triumph of the Republic. Sketch for the Town Hall of the Nineteenth Arrondissement, " an awe-inspiring depiction that symbolizes hope and progress. Its grandeur leaves us in awe as we contemplate its significance within history. In contrast, "Rest (Young Woman on the Dune)" offers tranquility amidst chaos. The serene image transports us to a peaceful oasis where worries melt away with every passing wave. Continuing our exploration, we come across masterpieces like "Cleopatra from Raphael" and "The Four Roman Riders, Horace Cocles. " These intricate works showcase artistic brilliance while paying homage to classical themes that have stood the test of time. Love takes center stage with "Venus and Love after Jules Romain" and "Cleeposi. " These enchanting portrayals capture love's ethereal beauty and remind us of its enduring power throughout centuries. "The Songe of Raphael" invites contemplation as it delves into dreams and imagination. With every stroke, it encourages viewers to explore their own inner worlds beyond what meets the eye. Religious art finds its place within this diverse collection too – from Saint John The Evangelist And Saint Jerome after Dürer to The Body Of Jesus Christ Cried By The Holy Women after Dürer. These poignant pieces evoke deep emotions while reflecting on faith's profound impact on humanity throughout history.