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Alfred Palmer Collection

Alfred T Palmer, a talented photographer known for his captivating images captured during World War II and beyond

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Alfred T Palmer, a talented photographer known for his captivating images captured during World War II and beyond. His lens immortalized the essence of American industry and the spirit of its people. In 1942, at North American Aviation, Inc in Inglewood, California, Palmer documented the meticulous preparation of P-51 ("Mustang") fighter planes. These powerful machines were being readied to take flight and defend our nation's freedom. During that same year, he also turned his camera towards Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp in Akron and Toledo, Ohio. Through his lens, he showcased the ingenuity and innovation behind this revolutionary material. From manufacturing processes to workers' dedication, Palmer highlighted how fibreglass was shaping industries across America. Palmer's work extended beyond industrial settings as well. In 1972 at the Senior Manx Grand Prix held on the Isle of Man, he captured Alfred "Triumph" Palmer racing with sheer determination etched on his face. This image encapsulated the thrill and passion that drives individuals to push their limits. His photographs also shed light on women's contribution during wartime efforts. At Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California in 1942, female inspectors conferred with workers while ensuring quality control standards were met. They meticulously inspected aircraft parts under Palmer's watchful eye. But it wasn't just inspection roles that women took on; they were trained as engine mechanics too. With careful guidance from Douglas Aircraft Company trainers in Long Beach - these women defied stereotypes by mastering complex machinery. Palmer didn't just capture moments; he celebrated them too. He photographed American mothers and sisters working alongside men at Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach - showcasing unity amidst adversity. Through Alfred T Palmer's lens emerged a narrative of resilience and progress - a testament to human potential even during challenging times. His photographs continue to inspire generations with their timeless beauty and unwavering spirit.