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Alexander Van Der Lof Collection

Alexander Van der Lof, a name synonymous with speed and luxury

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Alexander Van der Lof, a name synonymous with speed and luxury. From his early days in the CJ13 2881 Ferrari 250 GT SWB to his later triumphs in the CM29 5703 Ferrari 340 F1, Van der Lof has always been at the forefront of automotive excellence. In the world of racing, Van der Lof's prowess is unmatched. His skill behind the wheel is evident in every turn and every lap he takes. Whether it's the CM27 1212 or CM27 1255 Ferrari 340 F1, he pushes himself to new limits, leaving spectators awestruck. But it's not just about winning races for Van der Lof; it's about embracing a lifestyle that revolves around elegance and sophistication. The CM34 0677 Ferrari 250 GT SWB and CJ10 5728 Ferrari 250 LM are testaments to his refined taste and love for classic cars. Teaming up with Yelmer Buurman only adds more excitement to their already impressive lineup. Together they conquer tracks in their CJ9 8332 Ferrari 340 F1 and CJ9 8061/7066 Ferrari 250 SWB models, showcasing an unbeatable partnership on wheels. However, Van der Lof's passion extends beyond Ferraris alone. He also ventures into other iconic brands like Bizzarrini with his partner Buurman by his side driving the stunning CM27 Bizzarrini5300GT - proving that true enthusiasts appreciate all forms of automotive artistry. With each race comes a new chapter for Alexander Van der Lof as he continues to leave an indelible mark on motorsport history. In his trusty CM27-3076Ferrari340F1 model, he blazes through tracks with unparalleled precision and determination. Alexander Van der Lof embodies everything we admire about car culture: dedication, style, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.