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Alan Shepherd Collection

Alan Shepherd was a legendary motorcycle racer who left an indelible mark on the racing world

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Alan Shepherd was a legendary motorcycle racer who left an indelible mark on the racing world. In 1962, he competed in the Senior TT alongside Gary Hocking, riding his Matchless bike with unparalleled skill and determination. The race was fierce, but Shepherd's talent shone through as he pushed himself to the limit. The following year, Shepherd switched gears and rode an MZ in the Junior TT of 1964. With precision and speed, he maneuvered through the challenging course, leaving spectators in awe of his abilities. But it didn't stop there; he also participated in the Lightweight TT that same year alongside Jim Redman on a Honda. Together, they showcased their expertise and brought excitement to every twist and turn. Shepherd's versatility extended beyond just one type of bike or race. In 1963, he teamed up with Phil Read for the Senior TT on a Kirby Matchless machine. Their partnership proved formidable as they battled against other skilled riders for glory. Looking back at Shepherd's earlier years reveals his consistent dedication to excellence. In 1956, he raced a Norton in the Junior Clubman TT where his passion for speed first ignited. This event marked only the beginning of what would become an illustrious career filled with triumphs. Throughout his journey as a racer, Shepherd formed strong bonds with fellow competitors like Ron Langston and Phil Read during the 1961 Southern 100 race on a thrilling ride aboard their bikes - showcasing camaraderie amidst intense competition. Returning to Isle of Man races once again in 1962 for another shot at victory in the prestigious Senior TT aboard his trusty Matchless steed demonstrated Shepherd's unwavering commitment to conquering new challenges head-on. In addition to excelling at road racing events such as those held on Isle of Man’s treacherous circuitry – including winning titles like Lightweight TT astride an MZ - Alan also made his mark on the Ulster Grand Prix.