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Afro Alpine Collection

Discover the breathtaking beauty landscapes in Uganda and Ethiopia

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Discover the breathtaking beauty landscapes in Uganda and Ethiopia. From the otherworldly rock formations of The Rafu Lava Flow to the stunning Sanetti Plateau, these regions offer a glimpse into nature's wonders. Journey through the scenic valleys adorned with Kitandara Lakes, Senecio trees, and snow-capped peaks along the Kilembe Route in Rwenzori National Park. Marvel at the majestic giant lobelia standing tall on the Sanetti Plateau at an altitude of 4150m. Explore Hunwicks Camp and witness mist-shrouded Afro alpine vegetation or catch a glimpse of recent fire evidence that adds a touch of intrigue to this unique ecosystem. Ascend Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley for an awe-inspiring view that will leave you speechless. Admire everlasting flowers blooming amidst steep peaks from Hunwicks Camp, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a dream. Be enchanted by yellow Afro alpine flowers lining your path as you traverse along Kilembe Route. Not limited to Uganda alone, venture into Ethiopia's Bale Mountains where you'll encounter another magnificent Giant Lobelia species known as Lobelia rhynchopetalum. Immerse yourself in these Afro alpine wonders and let their beauty take your breath away.