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"Adolf Hitler (1889-1945): A Controversial Figure in History" This caption delves into the life and actions of Adolf Hitler, the German national socialist politician who became Germany's fuehrer from 1934 to 1945. The first hint is a cartoon by Hitler himself, showcasing his artistic abilities. Another illustration by Adrien Barrere depicts General Von Boum and hints at the influence of Nazi forces marching through Vienna under Hitler's leadership in March 1938. The next hint refers to an attempted coup d'état by Hitler supporters in December 1931, which led to searches of Nazi Comites' offices by government representatives in Hesse. This event highlights the growing power and threat posed by Nazism during that time. Hitler's appearance before the Munich Court of Appeal as a witness in a press trial is also mentioned, where he made a theatrical statement that was intentionally blurred. This incident showcases his manipulation tactics and desire for control over public perception. The caption then briefly mentions Benito Mussolini, Italian fascist politician and leader (1925-1943), highlighting their alliance and partnership during this period. Another significant event mentioned is when Hitler stood before French troops on the occasion of signing the Franco-Sovietic Non-Aggression Pact. This momentous occasion symbolizes diplomatic relations between nations amidst rising tensions leading up to World War II. The mention of Hitler hiding behind a Gaulle mask with the Lorraine cross implies deception or hidden motives within his political agenda. A defile with flag across range on May 1st, 1933, captured in "Vu, " portrays how propaganda played an essential role in promoting Nazi ideology among masses during public events like parades. Lastly, several unrelated images are listed: Munich's Alter Hof building; Minoritenkirche church in Vienna dating back to around 1911-1912; an untitled flower still life from the 1900s.