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Framed Print : Poetic stop motion picture of green balloons following each other going up on stairs in a

Poetic stop motion picture of green balloons following each other going up on stairs in a


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Poetic stop motion picture of green balloons following each other going up on stairs in a

Creative picture of green helium balloon flying between the city architecture furniture in a minimal and cool place in front of Mediterranean sea in Barcelona city

Unleash your creativity and transform your space into a visual masterpiece!

Artur Debat

Media ID 20493271

© arturdebat

22"x18" (58x48cm) Modern Frame

Experience the magical journey of green balloons ascending the stairs in this poetic stop motion artwork by Artur Debat. Witness the enchanting scene of helium balloons gracefully floating between city architecture and minimal furniture, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean sea in Barcelona. Bring this captivating moment into your home with the Media Storehouse Framed Print, a stunning addition to any space that inspires wonder and imagination.

Wood effect frame, card mounted, 16x12 archival quality photo print. Overall outside dimensions 22x18 inches (58x48cm). Environmentally and ozone friendly, 40mm wide x 15mm Polycore® moulding has the look of real wood, is durable and light and easy to hang. Biodegradable and made with non-chlorinated gases (no toxic fumes) it is efficient; producing 100 tons of polystyrene can save 300 tons of trees! Prints are glazed with lightweight, shatterproof, optical clarity acrylic (providing the same general protection from the environment as glass). The back is stapled hardboard with a sawtooth hanger attached. Note: To minimise original artwork cropping, for optimum layout, and to ensure print is secure, the visible print may be marginally smaller

Contemporary Framed and Mounted Prints - Professionally Made and Ready to Hang

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 39.6cm x 26.4cm (15.6" x 10.4")

Estimated Product Size is 57.9cm x 47.8cm (22.8" x 18.8")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) orientation to match the source image.


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In this print by Artur Debat, we are transported into a poetic stop motion picture. A mesmerizing sight unfolds before our eyes as a trail of vibrant green balloons gracefully ascend a flight of stairs. Each balloon seems to follow the other in perfect harmony, creating an enchanting visual symphony. The setting is equally intriguing - a creative composition featuring a solitary green helium balloon floating amidst the city's architectural marvels and contemporary furniture. The minimalistic backdrop enhances the balloon's prominence, allowing it to stand out against the urban landscape. As we gaze at this surreal scene, we can almost feel ourselves being transported to Barcelona, with its Mediterranean charm adding an extra layer of allure. Debat's artistic vision shines through in every detail captured within this photograph. The playfulness and whimsy exuded by the balloons evoke feelings of joy and wonderment. Their journey upwards symbolizes aspirations reaching new heights or perhaps even dreams taking flight. This particular artwork from Fine Art Storehouse showcases Debat's ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary subjects that provoke thought and stir emotions within us all. It serves as a reminder that art has the power to transport us beyond our immediate surroundings and ignite our imagination. Whether displayed in homes or galleries, this print will undoubtedly add an element of creativity and intrigue wherever it finds itself – inviting viewers on their own personal journey through the realms of poetry and beauty captured within each frame.

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