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Weymouth and Great Western Galop, c1870 (lithograph on paper)

Weymouth and Great Western Galop, c1870 (lithograph on paper)

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Weymouth and Great Western Galop, c1870 (lithograph on paper)

8836227 Weymouth and Great Western Galop, c1870 (lithograph on paper) by Sherren, John (1846-1922) ; 34 x 25 cm; Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Telford, Shropshire, UK; ( sheet music cover for The Weymouth & Great Western Galop, Composed and most Respectfully Dedicated to Mrs. John Quicke, by D. Rolls, Author of the Weymouth, Bell, Rocket and Railway Polkas, &c.
Published by D. Rolls, Teacher Of Music, at His Pianoforte Warehouse, York Buildings, Weymouth, and May be had of Messrs. Cramer And Co. 101, Regent Street, London. Sherren, Typographer.
Showing view of the town of Weymouth with Royal Victoria Inn at left, beach at right, horse-drawn omnibus in middle distance, and 2-2-2 tender steam locomotive and train at bottom of the page, likely to be the GWR 2-2-2 broad gauge locomotive "Centaur", a Firefly-Class locomotive built in 1841 by Nasmyth, Gaskell & Co. Manchester
Daniel Rolls (b.1799)
John Sherren (1846-1922) Stationer, printer and publisher, 79, St Mary Street, Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset.
Cramer & Co. was founded in 1824 by the musician Johann Baptist Cramer in partnership with Robert Addison and Thomas Frederick Beale, the company then being known as Cramer, Addison & Beale. Johann Baptist Cramer ceased involvement with the business at the end of 1833 and in 1844 Addison broke from the partnership with Beale, going into business with Robert Hodson who had previously been in partnership with Lewis Henry Lavenu forming Addison & Hodson across the road from Cramer & Co. at 210, Regent Street, opposite Conduit Street. The main premises were at 201, Regent Street and 67, Conduit Street, on the corner of Conduit Street and Regent Street. This address was associated with the company from the 1820s until the 1890s.); © Elton Collection, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

Media ID 38375178

© © Elton Collection, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust / Bridgeman Images

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This lithograph print from c1870 captures the vibrant seaside town of Weymouth in all its glory. The detailed image showcases the Royal Victoria Inn on the left, with the sandy beach stretching out to the right. In the middle distance, a horse-drawn omnibus adds a touch of nostalgia to the scene. At the bottom of the page, a 2-2-2 tender steam locomotive and train can be seen, likely representing the GWR 2-2-2 broad gauge locomotive "Centaur". This Firefly-Class locomotive was built in 1841 by Nasmyth, Gaskell & Co. Manchester, adding an element of historical significance to this artwork. The sheet music cover for 'The Weymouth & Great Western Galop' is dedicated to Mrs. John Quicke and composed by D. Rolls, who was known for his polkas and musical talents. Published at His Pianoforte Warehouse in Weymouth and available at Cramer And Co., this piece reflects a time when music played an integral role in everyday life. John Sherren's typographic skills shine through in this intricate design, showcasing his talent as a stationer, printer, and publisher based in Melcombe Regis. The collaboration between artists like Sherren and musicians like Rolls highlights the interconnectedness of art forms during this period. Overall, this print offers a glimpse into Victorian-era Weymouth through both visual and musical elements, capturing a moment frozen in time for us to appreciate today.

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