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Womens shoe advertisement, 1930s (colour litho)

Womens shoe advertisement, 1930s (colour litho)

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Womens shoe advertisement, 1930s (colour litho)

730336 Womens shoe advertisement, 1930s (colour litho) by English School, (20th century); Private Collection; ( Womens shoe advertisement, 1930s. From the Footwear Organiser.); Look and Learn / Valerie Jackson Harris Collection

Media ID 22966630

© Look and Learn / Valerie Jackson Harris Collection / Bridgeman Images

19301939 Deco Effect Footwear Luxury Mirror Reflection Shoe Shoes 1930 1939 Years 30 30s 1930 1939 Years 30s 1933 34 Adverisements Adverting Advertise Advertisers Advertising Company Advertisment Advertizing Nineteen Thirties


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This vibrant and captivating photograph print showcases a women's shoe advertisement from the 1930s, exuding elegance and luxury. The colour litho technique used in this artwork brings out the beauty of the design, with its striking blue hues and intricate details. The reflection effect created by the mirror adds an intriguing element to the composition, drawing viewers into a world of sophistication and style. The black background further enhances the visual impact, making every aspect of this advertisement stand out. In this image, we witness a perfect blend of artistry and advertising prowess. The deco-inspired shoe design is both timeless and fashionable, capturing the essence of 1930s footwear trends. It speaks volumes about the creativity that flourished during that era. As we delve into this piece from English School's private collection, we are transported back to a time when women sought elegance in their everyday lives. This advertisement serves as a reminder of how fashion can be an expression of individuality and confidence. Whether you appreciate vintage aesthetics or simply admire exceptional craftsmanship, this print encapsulates all that was desirable in women's shoes during one of history's most glamorous decades. Its presence on your wall will undoubtedly add charm to any space while paying homage to early 20th-century fashion sensibilities.

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