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The intestines of a horse. 1792 (engraving)

The intestines of a horse. 1792 (engraving)

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The intestines of a horse. 1792 (engraving)

7235904 The intestines of a horse. 1792 (engraving) by Dodd, Daniel (fl.1760-90) (after); ( The intestines of a horse. Gut colon 1, caecum or blind gut 2, rectum or straight gut 3, diaphragm 4, yard 5, glans 6, fundament and sphincter 7. Handcoloured copperplate engraving J. Pass after an illustration by Daniel Dodd from William Augustus Osbaldistons The British Sportsman, or Nobleman, Gentleman and Farmers Dictionary of Recreation and Amusement, J. Stead, London, 1792.); © Florilegius

Media ID 25499826

© Florilegius / Bridgeman Images

Anatomical Anatomical Chart Anatomist Digestion Digestive System Zoological Zoologist Digestive Tract Gravure Engraving Natural Sciences


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This engraving from 1792 showcases the intricate and complex anatomy of a horse's intestines. Created by Daniel Dodd, a skilled artist of the time, this handcoloured copperplate engraving provides a detailed illustration of the digestive system of this magnificent farm animal. The print highlights various parts of the horse's intestinal tract, including the gut colon, caecum or blind gut, rectum or straight gut, diaphragm, yard, glans, fundament and sphincter. Each element is meticulously depicted to offer an accurate representation for scientific study and understanding. Taken from William Augustus Osbaldistons' renowned publication "The British Sportsman" this engraving was intended to educate nobleman, gentlemen and farmers about equine anatomy in relation to recreation and amusement. It serves as a testament to both artistic skill and scientific exploration during the 18th century. With its vibrant colors and precise detailing, this engraving stands as a remarkable example of natural history artwork. It not only captures the essence of anatomical knowledge but also reflects advancements in zoology during that era. Bridgeman Images has preserved this piece through their Fine Art Finder collection. As we gaze upon it today with awe and admiration for its historical significance, we are reminded of how far our understanding of animals has come since then.

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