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Reproduction of a poster advertising Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes

Reproduction of a poster advertising Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes

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Reproduction of a poster advertising Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes

STC138066 Reproduction of a poster advertising Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes (colour litho) by Hardy, Dudley (1867-1922); 295x195 cm; Private Collection; ( reproduced in Les Maitres de l Affiche; ); The Stapleton Collection; English, out of copyright

Media ID 23354558

© The Stapleton Collection / Bridgeman Images

Boot Plus Fours Shoe Shoes Top Hat Tweed Advertizing


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This vibrant and nostalgic print captures a reproduction of an iconic poster advertising Abbotts Phit-Eesi Boots and Shoes. Created by the talented artist Dudley Hardy, this colourful lithograph measures 295x195 cm and is now part of a private collection. The image showcases English traditional costume with a touch of whimsy as it features various elements that evoke the charm of yesteryears. A well-dressed gentleman, sporting a top hat and carrying a cane, stands proudly alongside his faithful canine companion. Both are impeccably dressed in stylish attire, including plus fours, tweed clothing, and sturdy boots from Abbotts Phit-Eesi. The advertisement cleverly highlights the brand's promise of "fit easy" shoes while also capturing the essence of British elegance. The attention to detail is remarkable; every element in this composition exudes sophistication and class. Beyond its commercial purpose, this artwork transports us back to an era where style was paramount. It reminds us of simpler times when walking sticks were fashionable accessories and dogs were loyal companions on leisurely strolls through picturesque landscapes. As we admire this stunning piece from The Stapleton Collection, we can't help but appreciate how art has the power to preserve history while evoking emotions that transcend time itself.

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