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Galashiels can be found in Scottish Borders, Scotland, United Kingdom in Europe

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Skating dress at Dickins and Jones advertisement Featured Galashiels Image

Skating dress at Dickins and Jones advertisement

The ideal skating dress in fine, Galashiels tweed with a full circular skirt, gored to allow ample width for movement. Available with knickers to match, and the Deeanjay skating boot made by expert craftsmen and cut from the finest Box Calf. Available from Dickins and Jones of Regent Street, London.

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans

Scottish Borders TD14 5 Map Featured Galashiels Image

Scottish Borders TD14 5 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Scottish Borders TD14 5

A1107, Abbey Court, Abbots Row, Abbs Harbour, Acredale Road, Albert Road, Armatage Street, Auchencrow, Ayton, B6355, B6438, Barefoots Avenue, Barefoots Crescent, Barefoots Drive, Barefoots Park, Barefoots Road, Barefoots Way, Beach Avenue, Bennison Square, Braeheads, Bridge Street, Briery Law, Brierydean, Broad Street, Browns Bank, Burnmouth, Buss Craig Place, Buss Craig Road, Callercove Crescent, Callercove Way, Chapel Street, Chariot Road, Christisons Brae, Church Street, Coldingham, Coldingham Road, Creel Court, Creel Road, Crosslaw, Deanhead Drive, Deanhead Road, Dow Drive, Dulse Craig, Eyemouth, Fishers Brae, Fort Road, George Square, George Street, Gillsland, Glebe Crescent, Gunsgreen, Gunsgreen Circle, Gunsgreen Crescent, Gunsgreen Park, Hallbank, Hallydown Crescent, Harbour Road, Haymons Cove, High Street, Hinkar Way, Home Street, Houndlaw Park, Houndwood, Hurkur Crescent, Johns Road, Ladeside, Lairds Hill, Lawfield, Lawfield Drive, Lyall Terrace, Main Street, Manse Road, Marine Parade, Marine Square, Market Place, Millbank Road, Murrayfield, Newmains Farm Road, Nisbet Avenue, North Street, Northburn Road, Northburn View, Old Town, Paxton Terrace, Peelwalls Meadows, Pocklaw Slap, Priors Walk, Queen Street, Queens Road, Renton Terrace, Reston, Reston Road, Sanderson Way, School Road, Scottish Borders, Seafield, Seafield Place, Seaview Terrace, Shearlaw Road, Skeldons Brae, St, St Abbs, St Abbs Road, St Clairs, St Ebba Road, St Ellas Court, St Ellas Place, St Ellas Wynd, Stebbings Rise, Summerhill Park, Td14, Td14 5aa, Td14 5ab, Td14 5ad, Td14 5ae, Td14 5af, Td14 5ag, Td14 5ah, Td14 5aj, Td14 5al, Td14 5an, Td14 5ap, Td14 5aq, Td14 5ar, Td14 5as, Td14 5at, Td14 5au, Td14 5aw, Td14 5ax, Td14 5ay, Td14 5az, Td14 5ba, Td14 5bb, Td14 5bd, Td14 5be, Td14 5bf, Td14 5bg, Td14 5bh, Td14 5bj, Td14 5bl, Td14 5bn, Td14 5bp, Td14 5bq, Td14 5bs, Td14 5bt, Td14 5bu, Td14 5bw, Td14 5bx, Td14 5bz, Td14 5da, Td14 5db, Td14 5dd, Td14 5de, Td14 5df, Td14 5dh, Td14 5dj, Td14 5dl, Td14 5dn, Td14 5dp, Td14 5dq, Td14 5dr, Td14 5ds, Td14 5dt, Td14 5du, Td14 5dw, Td14 5dx, Td14 5dz, Td14 5ea, Td14 5eb, Td14 5ed, Td14 5ee, Td14 5ef, Td14 5eg, Td14 5eh, Td14 5ej, Td14 5el, Td14 5en, Td14 5ep, Td14 5eq, Td14 5er, Td14 5es, Td14 5et, Td14 5eu, Td14 5ew, Td14 5ex, Td14 5ey, Td14 5ez, Td14 5fd, Td14 5gn, Td14 5gz, Td14 5ha, Td14 5hb, Td14 5hd, Td14 5he, Td14 5hf, Td14 5hg, Td14 5hh, Td14 5hj, Td14 5hl, Td14 5hn, Td14 5hp, Td14 5hr, Td14 5hs, Td14 5ht, Td14 5hu, Td14 5hw, Td14 5hy, Td14 5hz, Td14 5ja, Td14 5jb, Td14 5jd, Td14 5je, Td14 5jf, Td14 5jg, Td14 5jh, Td14 5jl, Td14 5jn, Td14 5jp, Td14 5jq, Td14 5jr, Td14 5js, Td14 5jt, Td14 5ju, Td14 5jw, Td14 5jx, Td14 5jy, Td14 5jz, Td14 5la, Td14 5lb, Td14 5ld, Td14 5le, Td14 5lf, Td14 5lg, Td14 5lh, Td14 5lj, Td14 5ll, Td14 5ln, Td14 5lp, Td14 5lq, Td14 5lr, Td14 5ls, Td14 5lt, Td14 5lu, Td14 5lw, Td14 5lx, Td14 5ly, Td14 5lz, Td14 5na, Td14 5nb, Td14 5nd, Td14 5ne, Td14 5nf, Td14 5ng, Td14 5nh, Td14 5nj, Td14 5nl, Td14 5nn, Td14 5np, Td14 5nq, Td14 5nr, Td14 5ns, Td14 5nt, Td14 5nu, Td14 5nw, Td14 5nx, Td14 5ny, Td14 5nz, Td14 5pa, Td14 5pb, Td14 5pd, Td14 5pe, Td14 5ph, Td14 5pj, Td14 5pl, Td14 5pn, Td14 5pp, Td14 5pq, Td14 5pr, Td14 5pt, Td14 5pw, Td14 5px, Td14 5py, Td14 5pz, Td14 5qa, Td14 5qb, Td14 5qd, Td14 5qe, Td14 5qf, Td14 5qg, Td14 5qj, Td14 5ql, Td14 5qn, Td14 5qp, Td14 5qq, Td14 5qr, Td14 5qs, Td14 5qt, Td14 5qu, Td14 5qw, Td14 5qx, Td14 5qy, Td14 5qz, Td14 5ra, Td14 5rb, Td14 5rd, Td14 5re, Td14 5rg, Td14 5rh, Td14 5rj, Td14 5rl, Td14 5rn, Td14 5rp, Td14 5rq, Td14 5rr, Td14 5rs, Td14 5rt, Td14 5ru, Td14 5rw, Td14 5rx, Td14 5rz, Td14 5sa, Td14 5sb, Td14 5sd, Td14 5se, Td14 5sf, Td14 5sg, Td14 5sh, Td14 5sj, Td14 5sl, Td14 5sn, Td14 5sp, Td14 5sq, Td14 5sr, Td14 5ss, Td14 5st, Td14 5su, Td14 5sw, Td14 5sx, Td14 5sy, Td14 5sz, Td14 5ta, Td14 5tb, Td14 5td, Td14 5tg, Td14 5th, Td14 5tj, Td14 5tl, Td14 5tn, Td14 5tp, Td14 5tq, Td14 5tr, Td14 5ts, Td14 5tt, Td14 5tu, Td14 5tw, Td14 5tx, Td14 5ty, Td14 5tz, Td14 5ua, Td14 5ub, Td14 5ud, Td14 5ue, Td14 5uh, Td14 5ul, The Avenue, The Bow, The Crofts, The Orchard, Thiefs Road, Toll Bridge Road, Tower Road, Upper Houndlaw, Victoria Road, Welltower Park, West Loch Road, Willis Way, Woodbine Drive, Woodbine Grove

Abbotsford Featured Galashiels Image


circa 1900: The residence of Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott (1771 - 1832) at Abbotsford. Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh and qualified there as a lawyer in 1792. Popular success as a writer came with The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (1802-3), an edition of ballads, and The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1805), a narrative poem. He is perhaps best remembered for his novels which include Waverley (1814), Rob Roy (1817) and Ivanhoe (1820). In 1811 he built a country seat at Abbotsford near Galashiels. Scott had many debts from an unfortunate business venture but refused to declare himself bankrupt and continued to publish his writing to try and recover his money. His output was varied, ranging from novel-writing and poetry to history and biography. Scott died shortly after returning from a tour of the Mediterranean and the rights of his work were sold to cover his losses. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)