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Choose from 65 pictures in our Huntingdonshire collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. Popular choices include Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Posters and Jigsaw Puzzles. All professionally made for quick delivery.

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Old County Map of Huntingdonshire 1836 by Thomas Moule Featured Huntingdonshire Print

Old County Map of Huntingdonshire 1836 by Thomas Moule

This is a fine decorative reproduction County Map of Huntingdonshire from the First Edition series of Thomas Moule Maps, originally Published in 1836. The well-known series of County Maps which are known as Moules feature beautiful vignette views and were first published in separate sections for each county in 1830-32, they were then published in collected form in a two-volume work: The English Counties Delineated: or a Topographical Description of England: Illustrated by a Complete Series of County Maps by Thomas Moule: London: Published by George Virtue 1836

© Mapseeker Publishing Ltd

George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester Featured Huntingdonshire Print

George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester

George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester (1853-1892). In 1876 he married Consuelo Yznaga, a Cuban-American and had one son and twin daughters. In 1877 Montagu became MP for Huntingdonshire, a seat that he had until 1880. He became duke in 1890 and took his seat in the House of Lords.

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans

8th, British, Duke, Dukedom, George, Honorable, Manchester, Montagu, Mp, Peer, Peers

Huntingdonshire PE19 1 Map Featured Huntingdonshire Print

Huntingdonshire PE19 1 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Huntingdonshire PE19 1

Acacia Grove, Almond Road, Avenue Road, B1041, B1428, Barnes Close, Barringer Way, Bean Close, Bec Road, Bedford Street, Beech Grove, Browns Square, Cambridge Gardens, Cambridge Street, Cemetery Road, Chandlers Wharf, Charles Street, Childs Pond Road, Church Meadow, Cressener Terrace, Cromwell Gardens, Curlew Place, Dewpond Close, Dovehouse Close, Dryden Court, Eagle Court, East Street, Eayre Court, Emery Place, Falcon Close, Fishers Yard, Fox Close, Fydell Court, Grebe Way, Green End Road, Greenfields, Harland Road, Hawkesden Road, Hawkesford Way, Hawthorn Road, Heron Court, High Street, Hill Rise, Huntingdon Road, Huntingdon Street, Huntingdonshire, Kestrel Place, Kings Lane, Kings Road, Lammas Way, Leys Road, Lime Grove, Longsands Parade, Longsands Road, Manor Farm Road, Manor Grove, Manor Park, Marshall Road, Meadow Close, Medland Grove, Merlin Close, Murrell Close, Murrell Court, Musgrave Way, New Street, Nightingale Way, Nursery Road, Oak Close, Old Bull Yard, Park Road, Park Way, Pe19, Pe19 1aa, Pe19 1ab, Pe19 1ae, Pe19 1af, Pe19 1ag, Pe19 1ah, Pe19 1aj, Pe19 1al, Pe19 1an, Pe19 1ap, Pe19 1aq, Pe19 1as, Pe19 1at, Pe19 1aw, Pe19 1ax, Pe19 1ay, Pe19 1az, Pe19 1ba, Pe19 1bb, Pe19 1be, Pe19 1bf, Pe19 1bg, Pe19 1bh, Pe19 1bj, Pe19 1bl, Pe19 1bn, Pe19 1bp, Pe19 1bq, Pe19 1bs, Pe19 1bu, Pe19 1bw, Pe19 1by, Pe19 1bz, Pe19 1da, Pe19 1de, Pe19 1df, Pe19 1dj, Pe19 1dl, Pe19 1dn, Pe19 1dp, Pe19 1dr, Pe19 1ds, Pe19 1dt, Pe19 1du, Pe19 1dw, Pe19 1dx, Pe19 1dy, Pe19 1dz, Pe19 1eb, Pe19 1ed, Pe19 1ee, Pe19 1ef, Pe19 1eg, Pe19 1eh, Pe19 1ej, Pe19 1el, Pe19 1en, Pe19 1ep, Pe19 1eq, Pe19 1er, Pe19 1es, Pe19 1et, Pe19 1eu, Pe19 1ew, Pe19 1ex, Pe19 1ey, Pe19 1ez, Pe19 1ha, Pe19 1hb, Pe19 1hd, Pe19 1he, Pe19 1hg, Pe19 1hp, Pe19 1hs, Pe19 1ht, Pe19 1hw, Pe19 1ja, Pe19 1jb, Pe19 1jf, Pe19 1jg, Pe19 1jh, Pe19 1jj, Pe19 1jl, Pe19 1jn, Pe19 1jp, Pe19 1jq, Pe19 1jr, Pe19 1js, Pe19 1jt, Pe19 1ju, Pe19 1jx, Pe19 1jy, Pe19 1jz, Pe19 1la, Pe19 1lb, Pe19 1ld, Pe19 1le, Pe19 1lf, Pe19 1lg, Pe19 1lh, Pe19 1lj, Pe19 1ll, Pe19 1ln, Pe19 1lp, Pe19 1lq, Pe19 1lr, Pe19 1ls, Pe19 1lw, Pe19 1nl, Pe19 1np, Pe19 1nt, Pe19 1nu, Pe19 1nw, Pe19 1nx, Pe19 1ny, Pe19 1pa, Pe19 1pb, Pe19 1pd, Pe19 1pe, Pe19 1pf, Pe19 1pg, Pe19 1ph, Pe19 1pj, Pe19 1pl, Pe19 1pn, Pe19 1pp, Pe19 1pq, Pe19 1pr, Pe19 1ps, Pe19 1pt, Pe19 1pu, Pe19 1pw, Pe19 1px, Pe19 1py, Pe19 1pz, Pe19 1qa, Pe19 1qb, Pe19 1qd, Pe19 1qe, Pe19 1qf, Pe19 1ql, Pe19 1qn, Pe19 1qs, Pe19 1qu, Pe19 1qw, Pe19 1qx, Pe19 1qy, Pe19 1qz, Pe19 1ra, Pe19 1rb, Pe19 1rd, Pe19 1re, Pe19 1rf, Pe19 1rg, Pe19 1rh, Pe19 1rj, Pe19 1rl, Pe19 1rn, Pe19 1rq, Pe19 1ru, Pe19 1sa, Pe19 1sd, Pe19 1se, Pe19 1sf, Pe19 1sg, Pe19 1sh, Pe19 1sj, Pe19 1sl, Pe19 1sn, Pe19 1sp, Pe19 1sq, Pe19 1sr, Pe19 1ss, Pe19 1st, Pe19 1su, Pe19 1sw, Pe19 1ta, Pe19 1tb, Pe19 1td, Pe19 1te, Pe19 1tf, Pe19 1tg, Pe19 1th, Pe19 1tj, Pe19 1tl, Pe19 1tn, Pe19 1tp, Pe19 1tq, Pe19 1tr, Pe19 1ts, Pe19 1tt, Pe19 1tu, Pe19 1tw, Pe19 1tx, Pe19 1ty, Pe19 1tz, Pe19 1ua, Pe19 1ub, Pe19 1ue, Pe19 1uf, Pe19 1ug, Pe19 1uh, Pe19 1uj, Pe19 1uq, Pe19 1xb, Phoenix Square, Princes Drive, Priory Hill Road, Priory Lane, Priory Road, Queensway, Raven Close, Redwing Place, River Terrace, Riversmead, Rowley Road, Russell Street, Rycroft Avenue, Sandfields Road, Sandwich Road, Shaftesbury Avenue, Shortsands Yard, South Street, Springfield Close, St Anselm Place, St Neots, Station Road, Sunnybank, Swallow Court, Swift Close, Tan Yard, Tebbutts Road, Tern Way, The Crescent, The Lane, The Priory, Topham Court, Ware Road, West Street, Wintringham Road