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Young Native Americans Indigenous Indians Play

Young Native Americans Indigenous Indians Play

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Young Native Americans Indigenous Indians Play

Young Native Americans at play, shooting bows and arrows and throwing balls into a basket. After a late 16th century work by Theodor de Bry

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© Ken Welsh

16th Century Americas Arrow Arrows Ball Balls Basket Bows Drawing Game Games Indians Indigenous Native Americans Play Playing Shooting Sport Sports Theodor De Bry Throwing Young

This print captures the essence of youthful joy and cultural heritage as it showcases a group of Young Native Americans engaged in playful activities. Inspired by a late 16th-century work by Theodor de Bry, this illustration transports us back in time to witness these indigenous children immersed in their traditional games. In this scene, we witness the skillful artistry of archery as young warriors-in-training take aim with their bows and arrows. Their focused expressions reveal determination and pride, highlighting the importance of honing these ancient skills passed down through generations. Alongside them, other youngsters engage in a lively game involving throwing balls into a basket, showcasing both athleticism and camaraderie. The historical significance of this image is undeniable; it offers us a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Native American culture during the 16th century. Preserved within archives for centuries, this vintage engraving now finds new life through Ken Welsh's expert touch. As we admire this period picture, let us appreciate its archival value that allows us to connect with history on an intimate level. This artwork serves as a reminder not only of past traditions but also celebrates the resilience and spirit of Indigenous peoples throughout America's storied past.

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