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Boy Seeks Seeking Looking Work Dock Yard Dockyard

Boy Seeks Seeking Looking Work Dock Yard Dockyard

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Boy Seeks Seeking Looking Work Dock Yard Dockyard

A boy seeks work at a dock yard in the late 18th century. After a print by Jean Louis Darcis from the painting by Henry Singleton

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© Ken Welsh

18th Century Dockyard Drawing Work Dock Yard Henry Singleton Seeking Seeks

In this print titled "Boy Seeks Seeking Looking Work Dock Yard Dockyard, " we are transported back to the late 18th century, where a young boy is seen eagerly searching for employment at a bustling dock yard. The image, based on the painting by Henry Singleton and brought to life through the skilled engraving of Jean Louis Darcis, captures both the historical significance and industrial essence of that era. The boy's determined gaze reflects his earnest desire to contribute in an age when manual labor was essential for economic growth. His presence amidst the busy dockyard symbolizes not only his personal struggle but also represents countless others who sought opportunities during this period of rapid expansion. This vintage illustration serves as a valuable archival piece, offering us a glimpse into our past and reminding us of the hardships faced by those seeking work in an ever-changing world. It encapsulates the spirit of industriousness and resilience that defined this era while highlighting how far we have come since then. Ken Welsh's expertly crafted print allows us to appreciate both its artistic beauty and historical significance. As we contemplate this scene from another time, may it inspire gratitude for our present circumstances and admiration for those who paved the way before us.

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