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CM18 2141 Andrew Keith-Lucas, Read Gomm, Jaguar E-Type

CM18 2141 Andrew Keith-Lucas, Read Gomm, Jaguar E-Type

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CM18 2141 Andrew Keith-Lucas, Read Gomm, Jaguar E-Type

Andrew Keith-Lucas, Read Gomm, Jaguar E-Type, Graham Hill Trophy, GT Cars, Goodwood 75th Members Meeting, Goodwood, West Sussex, March 2017, GRRC, circuit racing, Classic, event, Goodwood, Goodwood Road and racing, historic, motor racing, nostalgia, outdoors, racing, speed

CJM Photography features motor sport classic/historic events as well as those of the current era

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© 2017 Chris McEvoy,, all rights reserved

Andrew Keith Lucas Goodwood 75th Members Meeting Goodwood Road And Racing Graham Hill Trophy Grrc Jaguar E Type March 2017 Read Gomm


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In this print by CJM Photography, we are transported back in time to the exhilarating world of classic motor racing. The image captures CM18 2141 Andrew Keith-Lucas behind the wheel of a stunning Jaguar E-Type, as he competes in the Graham Hill Trophy at the Goodwood 75th Members Meeting in West Sussex. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition perfectly convey the sense of speed and adrenaline that fills the air on race day. As Andrew Keith-Lucas skillfully maneuvers his vintage car around the historic circuit, we can almost hear the roar of engines and feel the excitement building among spectators. This photograph not only celebrates a momentous event in motorsport history but also pays homage to nostalgia and timeless elegance. The iconic Jaguar E-Type stands as a symbol of automotive excellence, while Goodwood Road and Racing provides an idyllic backdrop for this thrilling display of power and precision. CJM Photography's masterful capture effortlessly transports us into this world where tradition meets modernity. With every detail meticulously preserved, from each curve on the car's bodywork to every speckle of dust kicked up by its tires, it is clear that Chris McEvoy has an innate talent for capturing moments that will forever be etched into our memories. Whether you are a racing enthusiast or simply appreciate fine art photography, this print is sure to ignite your passion for both speed and beauty.

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