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CM1 2130 Tony Gaze Trophy

CM1 2130 Tony Gaze Trophy

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CM1 2130 Tony Gaze Trophy

Tony Gaze Trophy, Andy Shepherd, AC Ace Bristol, Andrew Keith Lucas, Jaguar XK150, 150 EKF, Max Girardo, Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France, 72nd members Meeting, Goodwood, GRRC, historic racing, motor sport, motorsport

CJM Photography features motor sport classic/historic events as well as those of the current era

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© 2014 Chris McEvoy, all rights reserved,

150 Ekf 72nd Members Meeting Ac Ace Bristol Andrew Keith Lucas Andy Shepherd Ferrari 250 Gt Tour De France Grrc Jaguar Xk150 Max Girardo Tony Gaze Trophy


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Capturing the Essence of Historic Racing - The Tony Gaze Trophy

. In this print by Chris McEvoy from CJM Photography, we are transported back in time to the exhilarating atmosphere of the 72nd Members Meeting at Goodwood. The image showcases a thrilling moment during the iconic Tony Gaze Trophy race, where legendary drivers Andy Shepherd and Andrew Keith Lucas fiercely compete for victory. The composition beautifully frames two remarkable vintage cars that epitomize 1950s production sports cars – an AC Ace Bristol driven by Shepherd and a Jaguar XK150 expertly handled by Lucas. Their sleek designs and powerful engines evoke nostalgia for a golden era of motorsport. Adding to the allure of this snapshot is Max Girardo's Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France gracefully gliding through the background, further enhancing the spectacle on display. These GT cars represent automotive excellence and embody elegance combined with raw power. McEvoy's keen eye captures not only these magnificent machines but also conveys their dynamic energy as they speed around Goodwood's historic racing circuit. Every detail is meticulously preserved, allowing viewers to relish in every curve, every tire screech, and every adrenaline-filled moment. This print serves as a testament to Chris McEvoy's talent in immortalizing unforgettable moments in motor racing history. It encapsulates all that makes historic racing so enthralling – passion, skill, timeless beauty – making it an exceptional addition to any motorsport enthusiast's collection.

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