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Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

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Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

A Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle is put through its paces at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
Foxhound is at the cutting edge of protected patrol vehicle technology, providing unprecedented levels of blast protection for its size and weight. Featuring blast survivability close to that of a Mastiff - and just a little bigger than the Snatch Land Rover it replaces the Foxhound is ideally suited for manoeuvring around the narrow backstreets of Helmands towns and villages. Weighing in at six tones, it has a top speed of 70mph and can do 0-50mph in just 19 seconds. Four-wheel steering makes it extra agile, with a 40ft turning circle

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Unleashing the Foxhound - A Force to be Reckoned With in Afghanistan

In this photo print, a Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle takes center stage as it undergoes rigorous testing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. The Foxhound represents the epitome of cutting-edge technology in protected patrol vehicles, offering unparalleled levels of blast protection within its compact size and weight. Designed to navigate the treacherous terrain and narrow backstreets of Helmand's towns and villages, this six-tonne marvel replaces the Snatch Land Rover with remarkable blast survivability akin to that of a Mastiff. Its agility is further enhanced by four-wheel steering, enabling swift maneuvers with an impressive 40ft turning circle. As our brave soldiers embark on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan's challenging landscape, they can rely on the Foxhound for unmatched speed and performance. With a top speed reaching 70mph and accelerating from 0-50mph in just 19 seconds, this formidable vehicle ensures rapid response times when every second counts. The arrival of the Foxhound marks a significant milestone in our military campaign against adversity. Equipped with state-of-the-art armoured features, it stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding those who serve on the frontlines. Let this image serve as a reminder of both innovation and resilience—a symbol of strength that echoes throughout Afghan's rugged terrains—wherein lies the indomitable spirit driving our forces forward towards victory.

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