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European Green Toad / Variable Toad - mating, male on top. Alsace, France

European Green Toad  /  Variable Toad - mating, male on top. Alsace, France

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European Green Toad / Variable Toad - mating, male on top. Alsace, France

European Green / Variable TOAD - pair mating. Male on top.
Alsace, France
Bufo viridis
Variegated Toad
M. Watson
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This photograph captures the intimate moment of a European Green Toad, or Bufo viridis, mating pair in Alsace, France. The male toad, easily identified by his larger size and distinctive golden parotoid glands, is on top of the female, securing their connection. This amphibian species, also known as the Variable Toad, is native to Europe and is well adapted to various habitats, including ponds and streams. During the breeding season, European Green Toads gather at water sources for courtship and mating. The male will call to attract a female, and once she approaches, he will grasp her with his powerful hind legs and mount her. They will remain connected for several hours, during which the male will release spermatophores, which the female will absorb with her eggs for fertilization. European Green Toads are an essential component of their ecosystems, serving as both predators and prey. They help control insect populations and contribute to the food chain. This photograph not only showcases the beauty and intricacy of their mating behavior but also highlights their important role in the natural world.

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