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Tree Swallow Gallery

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Sunset with tree silhouette Allariz, Galicia, Spain Featured Tree Swallow Print

Sunset with tree silhouette Allariz, Galicia, Spain

Common / Barn SWALLOW - Perched on telephone wires
Preparing for migration, August, Devon, UK
Hirundo rustica
Michael Putland
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Backlight, Horizont, Horizontal, Landscape, Nature, Shadow, Skyline, Sun, Sunset, Wallpaper

Insect Mimicry, lithograph, published in 1897 Featured Tree Swallow Print

Insect Mimicry, lithograph, published in 1897

Mimicry of insects: 1-12 Imitation of green and withered leaves, twigs, and bark; 13-19) Imitation of inedible beetles and butterflies; 20-27) Imitation of dreaded insects (bees, wasps, ants) by those of other species; 28-30) Imitation of rotten objects. 1-2) Anaea phantes; 3) Anaea opalina; 4) Orange oakleaf (Kallima inachus); 5-8) Pterochroza colorata; erosa; cristata, arrosa; 9a-9b) Chrysalis (Papilio evander) - Imitation of a broken branch; 10) Caterpillar of Swallow-tailed moth (Ourapteryx sambucaria); 11) French stick insect (Clonopsis gallica); 12) Smooth tree bug (Phloea corticata); 13 Female Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misippus); 14) Nymphalidae Hypolimnas Misippus (female); 15) Nymphalidae Hypolimnas Missipus (male); 16) Rhagium bifasciatum; 17) Tropidosoma Spencii; 18) Batus barbicornis; 19) tiger bug mimic (Correbia lycoides); 20-21) Brazilian butterflies (Pseudosphinx species) which mimic Ichneumonidae and wasps; 22) Mexican longhorn beetle (Charis species) which imitates a bee; 23) Hoverfly (Sericomyia silentis); 24) Drone fly (Eristalis tenax); 25) Sphiximorpha subsessilis; 26) Ctenostoma unifasciatum; 27) Myrmecoris gracilis; 28a-28b) Cocoon of Aides amanda (South America moth); 29) Tortrix moth (Tortrix ocellaria) imitates bird droppings on a leaf; 30) Desmiphora fasciculata imitates a woolly bear caterpillar. Lithograph, published in 1897

Hindu Fakirs practising their superstitious rites, 19th century. Artist: Bell Featured Tree Swallow Print

Hindu Fakirs practising their superstitious rites, 19th century. Artist: Bell

Hindu Fakirs practising their superstitious rites, 19th century. 1) The Great Tree of the Banyans. 2) A pagoda of the idol Mamaniva, on one side of which Devotees are marked on the forehead with vermilion on the other side a Brahman takes their offerings of rice etc. 3) A pagoda of Ram. 4) Another pagoda dedicated to Ram. 5) A pagoda of retirement for the penitential Fakirs. 6) A cavern or close ditch impervious to the least gleam of day, except what passes through a little hole for that purpose, resorted to by a Fakir several times in the year. 7) A Fakir sleeping upon a cord. 8) Fakirs that remain all their lives in the same attitude, living by the charity of female devotees. 9) Several Fakirs consulted and invoked as Saints, by the women. 10) Various postures that some Fakirs are in several hours a day. 11) A Brahman with his nose and mouth muffled up, lest he should swallow the smallest insect in drawing his breath: he likewise sweeps the ground before him as he walks lest he should tread upon any worm or insect. 12) Fakirs warming themselves. 13) A Fakir feeding animals out of pure charity

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