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Images Dated 2nd March 2005

Choose from 77 pictures in our Images Dated 2nd March 2005 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Chance in the universe Featured 2 Mar 2005 Image

Chance in the universe

Chance in the universe. Computer illustration representing the chance, randomness and probability inherent in the universe according to the theory of quantum mechanics. Dice are seen spiralling towards a black hole, their numbers producing a random sequence. This randomness and probability in quantum physics (subatomic physics) was described by Werner Heisenberg in his Uncertainty Principle, and by Erwin Schrodinger. Einstein did not believe in a random universe and consequently said "God does not play dice with the universe"


River Congo in forest Featured 2 Mar 2005 Image

River Congo in forest

River Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, satellite image. Formerly known as the Zaire, the Congo is seen flowing through forest (dark green) and swamp land (light green). Salmon pink indicates areas of deforestation, where nothing can grow and the soil is having its fertility leached by water. Primarily these areas are around the river, indicating that in such remote areas it is the primary source of transport, but, at upper left, logging roads can be seen


Amazon delta, Brazil Featured 2 Mar 2005 Image

Amazon delta, Brazil

Amazon River delta, Brazil, satellite image. The Amazon River drains much of northern South America, meeting the Atlantic Ocean towards the north of Brazil. In terms of volume of water it is the largest river in the world, depositing 180, 000 cubic metres of water per second into the Atlantic in the rainy season. The delta, of which this image shows a small part has a tidal bore, which means that silt is carried off and does not deposit